*a note about the image above: I was searching for cute Garfield the Cat graphics via Google image search when I ran across that beauty and decided to change my twitter avatar to this photo. These are not my breasts, as mine are completely organic and homegrown.

I’m a broke-ass, full time college student livin’ the dream in the world’s most powerful city. I have a sekrit guilty pleasure of reading all types of books, especially programming texts, mystery, dystopian, and romance. Favorite authors include Mary Balogh and Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb.

I originally started this blog as an experiment for one the jobs I held previously and it just expanded into something else entirely, starting with book reviewing.

Later, it grew to include sex toy reviews because I lamented how I had some shitty ones and how could I find some good ones and I would review them, ah mah gawd. Thank god, because orgasms have saved my life and my sanity.

I have also met some of the best peeps in the world through this thing called the blogosphere, Romancelandia, and twitter.

I love my bunny rabbit, even though he’s ridiculous, selfish, lazy, drunk, and self-absorbed. He’s got his own twitter, @DEMONBUNNEH, so go be his minion.

I love all kinds of random shit. I also love the funny shit. I really adore the snarky shit so if you can bring it, it will be much appreciated.

I also dominate men. Yay, that’s me.

It’s pretty tame on my side… unless you add buffalo wings, mixed vodka drinks and Robek’s shakes… Ok, and maybe a light saber or two :-).

Start a conversation with me on twitter. Join my crazy awesome one-man circus. I lead the parade in my clown car aka my Prius, which I love very much!

Love, *angel face*

In no order, here are some random facts about me:

  1. I have a rabid love of music (rock, heavy metal, hair bands, LFO, country, alt, Incubus, Nirvana, etc.).
  2. I became a Marilyn Manson fan back in middle school and I remain a loyal Beautiful Person to this day.
  3. I like beer, but sparingly. I prefer wine and sangria.
  4. Tequila is my middle name (not really).
  5. I love living in this goddamn city called Washington, DC and often play the tourist in my own backyard.
  6. Smithsonian Museums are amazing.
  7. I can waggle my eyebrows individually and together. I can also do The Wave with my eyebrows, as well as alternately waggle them..
  8. I can alternately wink my eyes and barely move a muscle on my face.
  9. I love Slime Time on Nickelodeon.
  10. I love the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Old skool, where they ate pizza in the sewers, thank you very much.
  11. I prefer showers over baths.
  12. I loathe camping.
  13. I dropped out of the Girl Scouts because the instances of camping increased.
  14. I play lacrosse.
  15. I am not a runner, unless I am in trouble then you’ll only see my dust (I wish).
  16. I am, at heart, a traditional woman.
  17. I am a Democrat and proud of it.
  18. I believe in a woman’s right to choose and women’s rights.
  19. I’m a little bit country but a whole hella lotta urbanity.
  20. I love good cheese.
  21. I make up recipes on the fly and forget to write them down. My friends are constantly amazed when I cook.
  22. I’m a human.
  23. I’m friends with a few of my high school teachers on Facebook. Also a couple ex-boyfriends (from high school).
  24. I hope the above statement, number 23, is not a trend. That would suck. Where is my damn drink?
  25. I have constant bouts of insomnia and I am usually on twitter if so.
  26. My friends are all vile human beings who encourage me to make bad decisions but those are so much fun.
  27. I rarely regret anything.
  28. I am an Aries. If that counts?
  29. I think about casual fisting and it usually includes Sugar Cunt. You can blame her for this.
  30. I am a Christian. Jesus is my savior. (I wonder how mnay conservative bloggers are gonna land on this page for that?)
  31. I believe Rednecks are God’s gift to the rest of us.
  32. I love burritos.
  33. I love pupusas.
  34. I am a Salvadoran.
  35. I unapologetically use affirmative action because this is the United States of America.
  36. I tan easily.
  37. My favorite place to go is Montreal, Canada. I need to visit again.
  38. Some of my friends know about this blog.
  39. My parents are unaware of this blog’s URL and so on.
  40. I like Robeks shakes. Yum.
  41. I am a Honey Boo Boo fan.
  42. I am a lover and a fighter.
  43. I’m a sinner and a drinker.
  44. I have gone bungee jumping. I have the DVD to prove it. My sister egged me on until I agreed to bungee jump and I told her I would only do it if she did it with me. That way, if something went wrong, I wasn’t going down by myself.
  45. I have gone parasailing. Same story as above in regards to this.
  46. I dislike heights. See above.
  47. I loathe elevators. Absolutely and unequivocally. Especially glass elevators.
  48. I ain’t no weeble wobble.
  49. I can sing and recite the alphabet forward AND backward.
  50. I know The Elements song.
  51. I am a nerd. I speak Nerdity.
  52. I can do the Dougie.
  53. I am a product of my generation.
  54. The only kind of Santa I believe in is a naughty Santa.
  55. I do not do drugs. Tried weed and almost fell unconscious due to smoke inhalation. I’ve also done a bullet of NO2 and it is not my thing.
  56. I snort when I laugh.
  57. I sometimes will have an asthmatic attack if I laugh too hard.
  58. I like socks.
  59. I ma a Utahraptor.
  60. I have played several instruments, including the guitar, piano, harpsichord, handbells, clarinet, and saxophone.
  61. Yes, I have played handbells. My church has several handbell choirs and I substituted as needed.
  62. I am a horrible singer. I stuck to the choirs because I was in a choir and not singing on my own.
  63. I am a latent Christian because I do not attend church regularly. Sunday is a day of rest, dammit.
  64. I miss Billy Mays.
  65. My first boyfriend’s name is Alex.
  66. I have been on a horse.
  67. I have been in a redneck swimming pool.
  68. I have never been arrested.
  69. I have only one speeding ticket to my name. In my defense, it was the Jersey Turnpike and it was all bullshit. Who wouldn’t speed to bypass that sad scenery as quickly as possible?
  70. I believe in pumping my own gas.

More random facts will be added as this blog progresses.