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eroscillator 2 plus soft finger packageHave you ever seen a silk maggot? It looks weird, but emits such a beautiful and desirable result: silk. The Eroscillator is like that, but its end result is a beautiful and desirable orgasm. It is immensely attractive for its unassuming appearance.

With an ergonomic design, range of power settings, and great oscillation, the Eroscillator is high class and delivers great orgasms. Wow, I still cannot get over that.

I received the Eroscillator 2 Plus with Ultrasoft Finger Tip Combo, which includes the Eroscillator 2 Plus, four attachments, product manual, a power adapter with a 12-ft cord, and a one-year warranty. There is no storage bag that comes with it, so you have to find alternate ways to store the Eroscillator and its accoutrements. I use Ziploc gallon and 1-qt. bags, and they seem to do the trick.

It’s ugly, no doubt about it, but it’s beautiful for it. Gold with ribbing, the Eroscillator is a hefty looking thing at 10” inches in length (addition 1” to 2” with attachments), has a diameter of about 1”, and weighs 8 ounces. It resembles an electric toothbrush—even more so with the attachments in place.

What I love most about the Eroscillator is almost everything about it. From its awkward look to its sweet oscillations to the quietness of the motor. Oh yes, it is fairly quiet. With the attachments, the sound is a bit louder but not enough for me to make a fuss over it. I love that. Unlike the Hitachi, it does not take away from whatever porn, or any of the various You Tube videos, I might be watching. Or even listening to comedy tracks on Pandora. Yes, I masturbate to a lot of things as background accompaniment.

What I did not particularly like, at first, was its weight and the proportions of weight when handling it. It’s a little on the heavy and awkward side, and it makes it a bit confusing to use at first, but once I got a feel for its weight and handling it more often, it was not as much of an encumbrance as I thought.

The oscillations are also pretty incredible. They are not rumbly or even buzzy, come to that. I’m not really sure how to exactly describe them, and my previous sentence really only makes sense if you’ve had a vibrating toy like it, or have used the Eroscillator yourself. They are, however, pretty deep. Also unlike the Hitachi, they do not numb my clit or the surrounding area on my vulva. I highly approve.

The oscillations are also controlled via a dimmer switch, and come in three strengths. If you’re using the Eroscillator for the first time, I would suggest starting with the lowest oscillation. It is easily my favorite because I can just orgasm from that intensity alone. During the first few months of having the Eroscillator, I was uncomfortable with the two more intense oscillation levels, and I had to gradually work my way up to them. To this day, I still prefer the lowest level because I do not feel the need to destroy my clit with the higher intensities, like shocks to my pleasure system.

The main thing I love about the Eroscillator is that is that you plug it in, so it is continual power, again like the Hitachi. The twelve foot cord also helps, which means I can move it around and at different angles and not worry about the cord getting caught because it’s too short. Thank god I have a power outlet right by my bed.

Speaking of the attachments, the four I received were the Ultrasoft Finger Tip, the Golden Spoon, Ball and Cup, and the Grapes and Coxcomb.

Ultrasoft Finger Tip: this attachment is made of medical silicone elastomere, so the result is a soft, marshmallowy tip that feels lovely. This is actually my favorite attachment, because it provides a nice cushion against the highest oscillations, and provides a gentler orgasm than do the other attachments, while also stimulating the area around my clit, including the extension of the legs of my clit that extend down toward my vaginal opening.

Golden Spoon: this attachment is made of silicone coated TPR, and the result is a minimally flexible attachment. The shape is indicative of its name and is concave to hold the clit. I did not really like the spoon side as much, as I much prefer the scoop of the Blue Venus much more. I did like the other side, which is slightly textured, so it’s less intense in stimulation. It also reminds me of a tongue scraper you can find on the back of a toothbrush head.

Ball and Cup: the B&C is also made of silicone coated TPR, and while it is a nice shape, it was just a little too much for my clit, so it quickly became an attachment to avoid. My clit is very sensitive, particularly when I don’t use vibrating clit toys, or apply any other kind of vibration to it, like from the Hitachi.

Grapes and Coxcomb: Also made of silicone coated TPR, and it is texture overload, even for me. The other side, the coxcomb, is a bit like the golden spoon except the edges are little bumps. I like the coxcomb for that.

Beware, however, that while the attachments can be added easily, they are also difficult to remove after use because they can be slippery with bodily fluids and lube. In addition, all of these attachments are not sterilizable because their materials are porous, so you should not share them (unless you’re fluid-bonded) nor use them anally if you intend to use them vaginally. I’ve cleaned mine with soap and water, toy cleaner, and toy cleaning wipes, and let them air dry.

The Eroscillator is NOT inexpensive, as the one I have is priced at $175, but the price should not be a complete deterrent. If you have a chance to get one, I highly recommend it.

It’s here, and it’s awesome. The electric toothbrush, I mean Eroscillator, quickly became an essential love in my toy box. I love its awkward appearance and that it does what it sets out to do: provide great orgasms with great oscillation.

Again, I highly recommend the Eroscillator to anyone with a clitoris.

Thank you to the lovely people of Eroscillator for sending me the Eroscillator 2 Plus with the Ultrasoft Finger Tip Combo!

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