Talk Like a Pirate Day 2013 HostGator Deal!

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Ahoy, Ye landlubbers!!

This day be a day unlike any other day, Talk Like A Pirate Day! AAaaarrrrrrggghhhh!!!

Today only, HostGator be offerin’ up some very special deals. Off the starboard bow, ye be seein’ ALL NEW HOSTING PLANS at 44.44% off! Aye, that’s 44.44rrrrrrrrrr percent off, any new hosting plan, including VPS and Dedicated Servers. Now direct yon spyglass off the port bow to be seein’ $5 Domains (.com/.net/.org/.biz/.info)! Aye!!

This is a great opportunity to add a separate hosting package for that special project you have been thinking about. Sign up for your second account through the home page. If you are a current customer looking to add domains, you can either go to > Domains or via Domain Management in the HostGator links section of your control panel.


Please note that all promotional pricing applies to the first invoice of new orders. Current clients can take advantage of this offer by purchasing a second account, however you must keep your previous accounts active.

As jolly as these rogers be, they’ll last one day only! We dropped anchor at 12am CDT on September 19th, and we then set sail for the open seas at 11:59pm… 24 hours ONLY!

Remember, at yon 24th hour, we set sail for the horizon!


– Pirate Snappy


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