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joque harnessThe Joque harness is perhaps one of the best harnesses out there, and the guys at SpareParts knows what they’re doing. With a beautiful versatility, this double-strap harness provides tons of comfort and control for my thrusting pleasure. Thank god, because the vibrating velvet harness was terribly uncomfortable and scratchy.

The thing I love most about the harness is its inherent beauty. It’s slinky, and silky on my skin, and feels like I’m wearing panties.

The Joque comes with: Really awesome packaging, seriously. I still have the box and I use the lid and the bottom for lube and condom holders. Yes, I do. It’s a nice matte black so fits in with everything else on my dresser. I like being inconspicuous. Shh, don’t judge me! It also comes with a drawstring bag made of the same poly-spandex in the same color as the harness.

The packaging is, as stated above, a black cardboard box, with a cardboard overlay depicting a model wearing the harness, and the word “Joque”. On the other side of the overlay are the details of your specific harness (color, size), care instructions and size charts.

This harness comes in two sizes, A and B. Size A fits hips that are 20” to 50” with leg straps that measure 10” to 16” thighs and Size B fits 35” to 65” hips with leg straps that measure 14” to 24” thighs. I have Size A, as I better fall within the Size A parameters.

joque harness pouchThe harness pouch is padded and has horizontal pockets for bullet vibes both above and underneath the O-ring. The O-ring is stretchy and is covered in the poly-spandex material. The O-ring starts out as 1 ½” diameter when not stretched, and can stretch up to 2” diameter when fully stretched.

The SpareParts label is not stitched on the front of the harness (on the waist strap), but is instead ironed on. I like that.

The Joque harness is ethically created in the USA and is vegan friendly, for those of you who are vegan and like things Made in the U.S.A.

To clean it, just pop it in the wash machine, with all your other delicates. To store it, just roll or fold it up and place it in the accompanying drawstring pouch, which is the same color as the harness.

I found the Joque to be quite an exceptional harness, because it is easy to wear and use. The straps are simple and since they are elastic, there is less of them on the waist and legs, thereby not reminding me of the dreaded backpack straps dangling down my legs. The leg straps remind me of bra straps, in that they have their own pulley and buckle system so there are no dangly straps.

The waist strap is simply the best. It is adjustable by two factors: Velcro and buckles. The buckles are for two additional tightening straps located on the back side of the waist, to make sure that the waist is firmly and comfortably in place.

A great feature of poly-spandex is that it is waterproof, so you can use it in all water situations. Especially if you live in the DC area, like me, you will most likely get the trifecta of Snowmageddon, massive rainstorms, and flooding.

The harness pouch is padded, providing additional comfort and cushion against the base of the dildo when it is inserted and I’m thrusting. It’s also really good that the pouch is so accommodating because I was able to use flared base dildos and dildos with balls.

I haven’t yet used this harness to peg a guy, but I have used it to peg the Kimberly Kane sleeve I got from Kimberly Kane. I put a condom on the dildo before use, and some water-based lube and it went well. The condom didn’t fall off.

I fit the harness on so it was comfortably snug, and went thrusting. I was very pleased with the harness staying in place and the extra cushion provided by the harness pouch.

I did try to put bullet vibes into the bullet pockets, but it didn’t work out so well. I used standard bullet vibes and it seemed like the pockets were too small, or not stretchy enough, to accommodate them. Once I managed to get the vibes in enough to actually be held in place, however, it didn’t do me any good, because I could barely feel the vibes. The pockets’ direction also didn’t help any since it was horizontal.

I think if the Joque had only one vertical bullet vibe pocket, it would’ve been better but the way the harness pouch is built, it wouldn’t have been ideal.

I love the Joque harness because it is lightweight, the straps are fucking awesome, and it stays in place once you have it on and adjusted. This is the harness to end all harnesses, and SpareParts definitely know what they’re doing when it comes to making harnesses.

I did not like the bullet vibe pockets, but then again, since I don’t use bullet vibes often, the pockets don’t bother me. It’s barely noticeable, in fact, so I don’t even feel or think of them when I’m wearing the Joque.

Thanks so much, SpareParts! You guys rock!


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