Royal Baby: HuffPost and Daily Mail contributors get it wrong and tell a cool story, bro

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While I am greatly relieved Kate, Duchess of Cambridge has had a safe labor and delivered her child, I can’t work up enough energy over the media circus surrounding it all. However…

Most news media outlets have gone gaga with all the crazed, wide-eyed coverage of the Royal Baby. Others have displayed antipathy that the birth of a constitutional monarch is receiving all that hype. After all, he will be the new Constitutional King. I believe John Oliver of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart has wonderfully, and concisely, expressed my views on this, a most prestigious delivery, with the segment “On Her Majesty’s Secret Cervix.”

Two such news media outlet, Huffington Post and Daily Mail, weighed in on the hype and the retail outfits that are profiteering from all of it, like retailers didn’t profiteer when they made replicas of Princess Diana’s engagement ring that Her Grace, Kate now wears. HORRORS, OH HORRORS

Five Worst Royal Baby Tie-ins | Marianka Swain

However, while both the HuffPo and Daily Mail contributors post erroneous information (highlighted in the screen grabs), Daily Mail contributor Bianca London goes further, detailing Mills & Boon and other the retailers (supposedly) doing this, and decided to include an Royal Baby anthology published by Mills & Boon. Ms. London claims that Mills & Boon is an erotic fiction publisher trying to get in on all the Royal Baby coverage by publishing said anthology at the same time as the Royal Baby Labour was going on, because of course, dude.

Erotic fiction company Mills and Boon launches romantic Royal baby-themed book series | Mail Online

Ms. London correctly states that M&B has been around for a really long time and publish shit tons of novels every month and that these romances are formulaic and addictive as fresh cut crack to a crackhead. They are, don’t lie, bitches, you know you love them. However, she fails to mention that M&B launched their romance arm online in 1998 (it’s on the About Us page, if you care to look, like Ms. London should have).

However, Ms. London got a few of her facts wrong, and, uhhh, I want to know where she got her misinformation, cuz what the holy fucking hell, dude?

Let me set the record straight:

  1. Mills & Boon is a book publishing house, with a romance fiction publishing arm that was more firmly established in 1998 with the creation of their first romance website (already stated above, but, restated here for All The Reasons). The romance novels published by M&B all vary in heat, but are in no way erotic. While they have sex scenes, they are tame in comparison with the erotica and erotic romance out there which are WAY MORE explicit. The worst you’ll see is “cock,” which is extremely rare in these serial category romances. (On a side note, I love the word Cock. It resonates deeply within me. I also like the word Dick. Mmmm.)
  2. Mills & Boon has been publishing Royal Baby romances for eons. Certainly before Will & Kate got married, then got preggers, then gave birth to the new boy child yesterday.
  3. The Royal Baby anthology that Ms. London identifies in her article was published in April of 2012. Uh, that’s last year, dude, in case you were wondering. And it was BEFORE Kate even got preggers, ICYMI.
  4. The stories in the Royal Baby anthology were all copyrighted AND (previously) published as early as 2009. They are:

As you can see from the above list, the anthology AND the stories contained therein were all published in prior years. I can’t understand how Ms. London got that wrong. Perhaps it was the need for a quick article? I dunno but it seems rather fishy (hah, I just caught my first fish yesterday and I couldn’t help myself).

Whatever the cause, there is absolutely no reason why Ms. London and Ms Swain couldn’t do their homework first nor their respective news sites fact-checking their work before clicking the Publish buttons.

Well, cool story, bro.

Go get these books:

See the articles here, in these awesome screen grabs.

Erotic fiction company Mills and Boon launches romantic Royal baby-themed book series | Mail OnlineFive Worst Royal Baby Tie-ins | Marianka Swain

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