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iGino® is a new brand of sex toy on the market, with a crowd source funding campaign on, which is pretty nifty, I will admit. As a matter of course, the iGino® One is branded and marketed to women with the emphasis on a new, more discreet shaped and packaged vibrator. iGino® is more something you’d see as a battery charger or a cigarette case, than as a blatant sex toy.

iGino® comes with some innovative new features, such as their patented vibraMoove™, skinTouch™, hyGienic cover™. It also is almost the size of the iPhone, which makes it a bit unwieldy in my hands, because I am a klutz with my iPhone and that’s why I put a protective shell case on it. I kinda want a protective case for the iGino® because I feel that I might drop it.

The specific dimensions of the iGino® are:
Length: 2 1/8 inches / 54mm
Height: 3 13/16 inches / 97mm (w/o cap), 3 15/16 inches / 100mm (w/ cap)
Width: 43/64 inches / 17mm
Weight: 3.35oz / 95gr

The packaging is not inconspicuous. It is blatant and marketed along the same lines as the toy itself; that is to say, it is a white and pink box, with some general information about the toy. When you open the box, the iGino® One sits on a white plastic-y holster, not unlike Apple products, and it’s pretty cool. It also comes with three EVA washers and the removable skinTouch™ head, a travel kit, which consists of a USB charger 100-240v, a 2 pin EU plug and a US adapter, USB extension cable, and a velvet pouch.

The vibraMoove™ vibrations, which combines the vibrations with movement: the addition of side-to-side movement to the vibration would imitate as closely as possible the finger movements of a woman as she fingers herself.

The skinTouch™ sleeve, which has a flesh-like finish to the surface of the tip to add more stimulation to the masturbation sessions with this vibrator. The tip is made of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), which is found in various medical products.

iGino’s® hyGienic cover™ is the cap on the toy, which covers the vibrating tip. It snaps on to keep the vibrating tip and its base clean and dry and unavailable to possible damage. According to the iGino® campaign, it was “specifically designed to protect it from dust and dirt.”

According to the inventors of iGino® One, the vibrator lasts up to 40 minutes on a 12-hour charge and less, on an 8 hour charge. I conducted my own experiment on this toy on a 12+-hour charge, and it lasted 44 minutes. It didn’t slow down as the battery power lessened; it just stopped. Like stopped dead. Like 60 to 0 in 1 second. Strange and rather abrupt, like it’s telling you that your masturbation session is over, too bad so sad.

The iGino® One is white on the front and back, with the iGino® logo on the front, vivid pink wraparound siding and the tip and its base are also the same pink. It also turns on with the flip of a switch on the side of the toy. This thing is kinda like my blog theme, except it is even pinker. Also, the pink closely matches the pink on my site, doesn’t it?

I can’t help but think the iGino® looks like my Mophie Reserve Juice Pack quick charger, with the same idea in mind. This is super handy and I adore that a lot.

Another thing it shares with the Mophie Reserve Juice Pack is the USB charger location. It is on the base of the toy, and it retracts in to the toy, when not charging. When charging, the USB section lights up to a nice vivid blue, which is a departure from the pink. I expected the charging light to be pink, to go with the theme of the toy. However, it is pretty and reminds me that I have this toy in a USB port on my Mac.

These are the notes I wrote about the iGino® One, as I was gathering my thoughts and observations of this vibrator:

  1. Foamy washer on the base of the head, looks weird. Is it porous? Does it absorb?
  2. What are the washers for?
  3. Nice packaging.
  4. Several different chargers, including international wall charger with a USA adapter.
  5. Plastic film covering all sides of the iGino®. Annoying. Hard to see and cut so it fits the sides, exactly. Toy is shiny anyway and the plastic film doesn’t help much when figuring out if I need to check this toy like I would check any other technical products, like Apple products. #WOW
  6. REALLY loud buzz when on.
  7. Only one vibrating setting.
  8. The flower foam thing (skinTouch™ head) makes me thing “A FLOWER FOR YOUR FLOWER,” like it is trying to be all Hello Kitty meets Georgia O’Keefe or some dumb shit like that. #WHAT
  9. Why the fuck does the G in iGino® look like an and percent? Is it necessary?
  10. Use only water or silicone based lubes with this toy.
  11. The USB charge light refracts the pink from the toy and blue, from the charge light. Kinda like Christmas lights on the front porch, if I had a front porch.

The iGino’s® intended uses are as a clitoral vibrator in solo or partner use. Therefore, I have endeavored to use it as such. However, it is hellishly hard to use it when I am at home. It is super loud, even louder than my Hitachi and super annoying to keep using it for its intended use. I can only speak to the solo use as I did not use this with a partner.

As I live with other people, I cannot use this when others are at home, or else they will think either I have broken some piece of equipment, one of my gadgets has failed and is protesting, or I am masturbating. Therefore, I have to wait for everyone to be out of the house for a few hours, so I can properly use this toy. It sucks monkey balls.

When I used the iGino®, it does nothing much for me. It’s a nice warm up, but I invariably turn to my eroscillator, which gives me the same thing—clitoral vibration—without the noise and longer staying power (ok, it’s a corded vibrator, but so what).

The iGino® One is also a fucking slippery fucker when I use it. As I get extremely wet, and this toy is smooth plastic, it is inevitable that it will get slippery and hard to grasp and hold on to when I continue to use it. I also found it hard to turn it off after about 15 minutes due to my fingers being slippery. As I mentioned above, the power switch is on the side of the toy, and you have to slide it to turn on and off. I also have a problem because I have puffy labia, so I have to open my labia to expose my clitoris to this thing. However, I can keep it in place with my labia, so I guess that’s a plus? Heh.

It is also a fucking bitch to clean. I have to be wary of the washer thingy and the skinTouch™ head as they are porous and soak up my come. It’s also difficult as I have to use a freaking Q-tip and have to be super careful that I do not get any liquid on the USB charger thing. Sucks.

I love what iGino® has done, manufacturing and marketing a toy like this, but I feel that this toy can be improved upon and the coloring can change. After all, since it can be used in play with partner(s), wouldn’t it be better to use less conspicuous colors, like maybe black/grey or white/red color combos?

I believe the iGino® can go far, and I know this is the first step they can take, especially as this is the first generation of the toy. After all, doesn’t the first generation of any product generally have several flaws that can be, and usually are, improved upon in successive generations.

The iGino® One isn’t what this woman wanted, but I can see the potential. Well done, guys.

*iGino® is a registered trademark
*skinTouch™, vibraMoove™, hyGienic cover™ are all trademarks of iGino®. Patents pending.

Here is the video from the iGino® indiegogo campaign website

iGino for Indiegogo – What Women Want from iGino on Vimeo.

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