Catalyst Con 2013: A Recap

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Y’all, I went to Catalyst Con, which was even more amazing this year than the last two (Momentum) because it was my first weekend as a college graduate. This means I wasn’t inundated with homework, quizzes, projects, or the dreaded final! (Finally! Can you tell I am super happy?) I was able to actually focus my energies and concentration on the con and not on any kind of “oh-shitI-didn’t-do-my-homework” scenarios. Woot!

This year, the lovely Sex Toy Geek (aka Lucid Obsession) stayed at my house, met my family (yes, she did) and also got to meet the Demon Bunneh! He loves you, STG! Thursday night, we came down to the Crystal City Marriott and hung out at the bar with a bunch of cool people, including Metis Black and Jenna of TantusTom Stewart of Sportsheets, and Dee Dennis and we had a great time.

Seriously, STG one of my faves AND she came with me to work on Friday and I set her loose on DC after we got on to the military installation. She totally walked those three miles to the closest metro station.

Speaking of, I got to meet a bunch of cool peeps, especially my darling K/Cristas, Krista Arendson and Crista Pink Sex Geek and Crista’s manly man and studly baby boy, also known as The Rawr. I also got to meet Epiphora and we sampled each other’s drinks, cuz we cool like that. But I was entranced by the oranginess of her drink, too. I also got to meet Cooper Beckett of the Swingset and he is so adorable in his geekiness. Keep geeking, my friend!

I also had a ton of fun at the pajama party aka blanket fort creation extravaganza in Reid Mihalko’s room. Too fun! We all met up in his room, where Reid called down to the front desk and asked for eight sets of bed linens and then joked with the staff about his request. We pulled that room apart and constructed a giant room-sized fort made of bedsheets. Remember when we made them as kids, across our bedrooms and various other rooms in our homes? Yeah, that. Also, jessica drake took a ton of self photos.

Perhaps one of the most fun things about this year is that I was able to attend the entire event. I had a really great time, meeting a ton of new people and meeting up with the people I’ve met at previous Catalysts (aka Momentum back in the day). I got to meet a few porn stars, who were pretty awesome, and holy shit, but am I the only one who noticed that jessica drake was teeny tiny? I expected her to be at least 5’10”, but I think she is my height or a bit shorter. Her personality precedes her, entirely. I also got to meet Dylan Ryan (who has the most amazing pair of legs I’ve ever seen on a woman) and Sinnamon Love, who is really cool. Sinnamon and I had a really good conversation about Mr. Marcus and his STD issue and how it got totally blown up by the media. I’m really grateful for her insight.

One thing I noticed and I am SO glad for, aside from meeting them, is that these ladies totally dispel the “porn starlets are empty-headed bimbos” stereotype. They are erudite and very clear in their messages. They aren’t porn bimbos in the slightest, dispelling any asshats who think porn stars are bimbos with nothing but sex on their poor little minds. Can I put jessica drake in my pocket now, please? I enjoyed the panels on which they spoke, including the feminist porn, slut shaming, and the opening keynote. I was pretty well blown away by what they had to say in regards to being slut shamed, how feminist porn is about building ethical working conditions, and how sexuality can define us and our actions. They were pretty awesome.

Speaking of panels, I got to attend the 50 Shades panel and I had fun divvying up some answers and listening to perspectives of the panelists in regards to 50 Shades and how it has impacted, positively and negatively, the kink/BDSM communities. And how Dr. Drew is a flaming idiot. Seriously, you think he’d have learned something about the complexities of sexuality from hosting the Loveline for umpteen years. I miss Adam Carolla.

I am super sad that I missed most of the Toxic Sex Toys panel because I slept in. I did. I’m sorry. I had too much fun and stayed way late at the blanket fort party But I did catch the last twenty minutes of the panel and I was awed by the amazing things said about how to recognize toxic materials, the high standards that some companies, like Tantus, employ, to ensure the materials used pass their standards, and a few other things. My mind is still blurry on the upload of awesome to my brain.

One of the main attractions this year was the Carol and Robert Show at the closing keynote, which was super magnificent. Oh my goodness, just watching them take a tangent and roll with it is something on which I could probably write an enormous essay. Their messages about sexuality, being the best darn lesbian out there (except the “I watch porn” bit), and just watching them go on about how they’ve gotten to where they are and what they’ve learned along the way was way too much fun. So was the way Robert shouted his phone number at someone, telling them to “call him”, with a wink wink nudge nudge.

At the end of it all, I came away with some awesome prizes at the end of the closing keynote, most notably, the four Tantus paddles (Pelt, Thwack, Wham Bam, and Snap Strap) as well as the Sportsheets Neck and Wrist Restraints! Tom is pretty cool.

My mind is absolutely blown from all of the amazing that happened at Catalyst Con and I can’t wait for the next one on the East Coast!

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