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jesse-1If you have been on the internet in the past few years you’ve probably heard of a Fleshlight. This masturbation sleeve has become ubiquitous with 4-chan and lonely men everywhere. And it honestly it deserves better. It is a high quality product that is one of the best masturbation sleeves on the market.

At first glance the product is a little odd. Its name is derived from the fact that it is shaped like a giant flashlight (get it?!). The model I received is cross branded with the adult movie Pirates, known as the Jesse Jane Gauntlet Pirates Fleshlight (limited edition), so the exterior is gold plastic. It looks like a giant gold flashlight, which is not the most discreet possession in my home. On the larger end there is a cap, screw that off and you have you have the “super skin” sleeve. Immediately noticeable is the fact that it looks like a vagina, that is supposedly “anatomically accurate” to porn star Jessie Jane. I’m not sure if this is appealing to other men, but I found that all though it did not detract from the product, it is a little silly.

But all that is beside the point the real star of the show is the super skin. It just feels right. One of the most striking things when I first opened the fleshlight was the feel of it, I couldn’t help but slip my fingers in because I was so amazed at how flesh-like it felt. You need lubricant to use the product, the skin is far to unforgiving to go dry, and like with many toys only water based lubricants should be used as oil based will slowly break down the sleeve. Also the sleeve holds some heat so you can warm the sleeve with warm water before lubricating it.

jesse-2Once you have the fleshlight lubed and ready, actually putting your penis in feels great. Really great, like pretty damn close to the real thing great. The inside of the model I got has a variety of textures known as “the gauntlet.” The gauntlet is a combination of textures from other fleshlights, including a narrower ridged section and deeper in studs. To be honest I had a hard time discerning the different textures, especially once I really started getting into it. But that doesn’t really matter because, I’m not sure if I mentioned, the super skins feels great. Outside of that the fleshlight features a very simple but useful mechanic: the small cap at the opposite end can be tightened and loosened to adjust the amount of suction within the fleshlight. During use I found myself adjusting the suction multiple times and it really heightened the sensation.

And now you’ve made a mess. Thats okay, because cleaning the fleshlight is as easy removing the sleeve and running warm water through it. This did leave me wondering if I got everything cleaned out of it, and while it seems that the sleeve could be flipped inside out I would be afraid of damaging it. So just run I through very thoroughly. You can pat the outside dry but leave it out for a little while so the inside can drain/air dry. Once its dry return it to the case screw back on the top and put away unitl next time! Note: there is a cleaning solution available through the company although I have not personally tried it. Also they sell a “renewal powder” which claims to help with the softness. After use the super skin may become tacky to the touch which I assume is what the powder helps with, although the website said you could also sprinkle it with a little cornstarch to alleviate this problem.

All in all the Jesse Jane Pirates Fleshlight is great. If you are in the market for a masturbation sleeve, this is one to get. It’s simple (no batteries or moving parts), easy to use, and easy to clean. Oh, and it feels great.

Thanks to Adult Sensations for sending the Jesse Jane Gauntlet Pirates Fleshlight my way!

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