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Posted November 3, 2012 by S Thunderwood in Reviews / 6 Comments

The first thing I noticed about the Tenga egg was that it is an egg. It comes in one at least, like the little plastic eggs available around easter, or out of vending machine at the super market. This made the product seem fun, but also a little cheap. On the back are printed some simple picture instructions. Open the egg, take out the sleeve, pour in the included lube, insert your penis, move up and down and have a good time. That was it. I was confused as it only came with a small pouch of lube and no cleaning instructions. How would I use this again? A quick search online gave me the quick answer: I wouldn’t, as the tenga website faqs recommended the egg as a single use. I read about people saying it could be used 2-3 times, but they claimed the sleeve becomes distorted or tears.

The Tenga egg comes in a variety of textures, (you can buy a variety pack that looks like a carton of eggs which is pretty funny), the one I had was the “wavy”. The inside of the sleeve had large wavy ribs. It was soft and elastic and had a very nice soft feel to it. It also felt like it could stretch pretty far. Tenga claims its eggs can stretch to cover a 500ml plastic bottle, so gentlemen of significant size should not have a problem using the product. The eggs are all made of TPE with elastomer.

While using the product you don’t insert your penis into the the egg, but rather pull the egg down over top of it, because of this I was never really able the escape the fact that it reminded me of wearing a condom. The lube was good and it felt warm after a minute of use which was pretty great. Disappointingly I had a hard time feeling the wavy ridges, possibly because I used too much lube, or, I also read that some of the textures are more noticeable and pleasurable than others. Either way after a few minutes I was not getting much sensation from the sleeve. One notable plus of this being a one use product, is that cleanup is super easy.

All in all the tenga egg is an interestingly designed product. The egg shape is fun and the materials are comfortable. I like the idea of a single use sleeve, however at 7-ish bucks a pop, or 30 for the 6 pack, I find it hard to recommend.

You can purchase this Tenga egg at Babeland and/or

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