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Posted October 15, 2012 by Insane Hussein in Reviews / 8 Comments

I received the Sportsheets Whipper Tickler from, which is a great place to get sex toys to indulge your sexual fantasies and desires.

The Whipper Tickler is one of several flogging toys at, and is a pretty cute addition to my growing collection of BDSM gear. I especially like it a hell of a lot more than the LELO Sensua Whip. This flogger has a plastic handle that measures at 26 inches in length. It is a double-ended flogger, with one side having four-inch rubber tails that are really spaghetti-like and the other end that has feathers measuring about two to three inches (really depends on the feathers, duh).

The tickler comes in three color combinations, pink & white, red & white, and black & white. The rubber tails are a solid color (pink, white or black) and the feathers are the color combos.I received the red & white flogger.

This flogger reminds me of a cat toy you see at the pet store or in the pet care aisles at your local Target or Walmart. It’s cute and should be taken as cute. And used like a party favor.

I used this on a submissive, the same submissive on whom I used the Tantus O2 Cush. Oh yes. He had a good play time. So did I, because it is so much fun to giggle while inflicting pain. He liked the dragging of the rubber tails over his back and buttocks, which I did in tandem with another dominatrix. She beat him with a strap and I dragged the tails of this little flogger, he was flinching like a marionnette tangled up in his strings. Adorable. He didn’t really notice the feathers because he was more interested in the flogger side, but said that it was like a barely discernable wind over his skin. He didn’t much care for it. We stopped using it about thirty to forty-five minutes in to our play time, because it wasn’t doing much for him or for the tone of our play scene, which was pain, bruises and anal play.

Because this flogger is more of a flimsy piece of BDSM gear, I found that I could only use it for light play, like slapping, stinging, and dragging the rubber tails, and tickling with the feathers. Because it is more of a novelty item than a sturdy BDSM item, I figured I shouldn’t try to kill it with the first swing. I will also note that this flogger is unwieldy due to the disparity of weight on either side of the plastic handle. The feathers weigh nothing while the rubber tails are more hefty so when you hold it in your hand, it tilts toward the rubber tails. However, if you don’t use tje feather side, and hold it at the base of the feathers, you won’t find it as such. The same can be said if you do want to use the feathers to lightly tickle your partner, and you should hold the plastic handle at the base of the rubber tails. The flogger doesn’t weigh much at all, but this does add some control to your grip and handle of this flogger.

I recommend this for light play, like light BDSM scenes or even as a cat toy, if you have a cat. I basically store this flogger on top of my toy storage bin, on its side, since I don’t want either the tails or the feathers to get bent or broken. You should also keep it away from any sort of hair or animal fur, since the rubber tails attract them like they’re perpetually static-y.

Thank you for sending me this little gem! You can get your own Whipper Tickler at or check out what they have going on by scanning their twitter.

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