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Hello, hello! It’s been a crazy couple months what with my job being so time and labor intensive, but I’m back, baby, with a new review!

I originally asked to review the T-Rex but quickly changed my mind because the lip of the head on that beast made me drier than the Sahara on a good day (whatever that means but you know what I mean). Instead, I asked for the Luke, which is awesome and has bigger balls than the T-Rex (it’s why dinosaurs went extinct, I think). I like balls. BALLS!

I got the Luke in its generic Tantus packaging, which is basically Tantus logo with necessary information about the toy, all on a clear plastic box. I pulled it out of the packaging and noticed right away how soft the Luke is. It’s squishy and smooth and the shaft is flexible. The balls also have a little bit of a swing to them when I test thrust the toy in my hand.

The Luke is six inches long and the shaft is a full two inches wide. God, I love girth. I do. It’s awesome. My vagina needs and craves girthy fuckers. Wow, I just said that. I know you’re shocked and awed by my little confession (whatevs).

I didn’t just start with this toy. It’d been a while since I had me some self-lovin’, so I started with the G-Twist vibe, a smaller toy, and graduated to the Luke. Its flexibile rigidity made me feel like I was fucking a real dick. Not all of them are the hard poles of love that never have any bend to them. It’s a straight shaft, no curve, but it’s heavy and that made the thrusting all the more fun. The slap-slap-slap of the balls on my perineum made it really hot and by the end of my first session, even the balls were wet.

Oh, I need to mention the head on this thing. It’s ridged at the lip, which I can feel while fucking myself with it and if I angle just right, I can stroke my g-spot with it. And still get the balls slapping on my taint. Delicious delirium.

What I love most about the Luke is the fact that it is part of Tantus’ O2 line. It’s a dual density core, rigid on the inside, flexible and soft outside of that core.

Since this is a silicone toy, it can be sanitized by boiling for a few minutes, a cycle in the dishwasher (no heat dry), toy cleaner or water and antimicrobial soap.

I should also note that this toy is harnessable but I have yet to use it in a harness because I don’t have a submissive who can take that girth… yet…

I can now usually use this dildo without a warm-up with smaller toys and that makes me feel like the king of the world.

The Luke comes in two colors at Babeland, vanilla and caramel. Mine is vanilla. Heh.

Thank you, Babeland, for giving me this awesome little beast for review.

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