Review: Sportsheets Vibrating Velvet Harness

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I first became curious about pegging and strapons about a year ago, and when I saw that the Sportsheets Vibrating Velvet Harness was available for review at Good Vibes, I jumped at the chance and immediately requested it for review.

Now, I was expecting an all-black harness, but instead got a purple one. Woo, it is purple (on the front part of the harness). And the packaging is appealing. But that’s about it for this harness.

As I stated earlier, the only part of the harness that is purple is the front-facing part. It’s pretty, it’s velvet and it’s cushioned, so when you bang away, chances for discomfort from the strength of the thrusts is minimized for both you and your partner.

This harness comes with a bullet vibe (with batteries) that is insertable into a pocket in the front of the harness for clitoral stimulation. The vibe uses three watch batteries, but the vibe was somewhat strong. Put it in the harness and the vibe is practically useless for me because the vibration is muffled by the harness’s cushion.

Another thing I found to be really annoying with the bullet was the fact that it did not need to be put together to be on. I opened the vibe and removed the white paper that was coiled around the inside of the bullet and put in one of the watch batteries and when I pushed the battery down, the bullet began to vibrate. So I added the second and third batteries and it was on anyway. When I screwed the cap on the bullet and clicked the button to turn it off (BECAUSE IT WAS ON) it wouldn’t turn off. When I reinserted the white paper back into the bullet, it works as it should–the button on the end of the vibe controls the power on/off.

In addition, the waist and leg straps are scratchy. They’re nylon straps similar to straps on backpacks (think JanSport) and when I move in them, the edges of the straps chafe my skin, leaving them feeling raw, scratchy and red. The leg straps also do not stay in place. They drag down and stay that way, unless I hitch them up, only to have them fall again. The straps are all adjustable, with the waist strap adjustable up to a 60-inch waist.

As you can see from the following photo, the straps go around the legs and waist. I basically step into them and adjust the straps on either side of my waist and on each leg. Unfortunately, the straps hang down and when I thrust, they slap against the backs (from leg straps) and sides (from waist straps) of my legs. This is extremely annoying and itchy. I keep wanting to stop to scratch the itch.

 Now, the O-rings. This harness comes with three latex O-rings, which means that they are flexible and can stretch. They are different sizes, at 1.5 inches, 1.75 inches, and 2 inches. When I put the dildo into the O-ring, I noticed that the ring actually pulls along on the dildo, which makes it harder to put on and secure the rings. In addition, once the ring is on, I then have to secure it to the four nylon snap straps on the front of the harness. The snaps are backward, meaning I have to loop the nylon snap onto the O-ring from the front and under to the snap to secure it. These snaps are similar to the snaps you’d see on western shirts.

That’s really annoying and means I have to stretch the O-ring to make sure that I get nylon snap strap through the ring and between the ring and the dildo. I also have to make sure that the dildo doesn’t get scratched with the edges of the strap.

This harness is easy to clean. After removing the O-ring and the dildo and bullet vibrator, just pop it into the washing machine for a cycle. I let the harness air dry on a hanger. The bullet vibe can be washed with a sex toy cleaner.

I essentially gave up on this harness. It’s pretty, but I’d rather use it on the Tyler Hope Bear to showcase strapon dildos and such.

Thank you, Good Vibes, for sending me this harness.

And here are some more pictures of BDSM Tyler Hope Bear and the harness:


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