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Thank you, Babeland for sending me and my boo the Picobong Koa Ring to try together.

This review will be done in two parts: mine, and my boyfriend’s. It’s a double-take on this toy.

Her Review:

I have been looking into trying out a cock ring and here was my chance. Honestly at first glance I was not too impressed with the packaging. It was well designed enough to look quality, but nothing too unique or special. It did have a cute little die in it with silhouettes of some of their products, but there was really no use for it, as far as we could tell, so now it is just sitting on a shelf.

The actual product was a little odd. It is made of a soft silicone which was very nice, but the actual part that wraps around him was a hard, uncomfortable looking ABS. This product did not come with batteries but it was not hard to find or put them in since it runs on easy-to-find AAAs. The controls confused me at first but after reading the directions I found out they were actually quite clever and intertwined with the logo on the product.

So it was time to put the product to use. It was very awkward. The cock rings I have seen in the past are rings that go around the penis… rather than a clip that clips around it like this product. The actual usage of it was rather uncomfortable as well. Because the actual vibrating part was so heavy there was no way of positioning it without it falling over into a completely useless position and the hard ABS actually made it rather uncomfortable for me and my boyfriend. Quite frankly, after about a minute we decided to get rid of it.

I used toy cleaner when I was done with this, but according to the website you can also use soap and water for this. Overall, this toy had some interesting aspects but it as a whole was not a good product.

His Review:

When I first laid eyes on the picobong koa, I didn’t know what to make of it. Literally. I couldn’t figure out what it was. I thought it was a cock ring, but since there was a plastic clip attached at the end of a bullet I couldn’t really figure out how that would work in a way to stimulate both (or either) of us. This puzzlement plagued my entire experience with this item.

The Koa came in an attractive enough package and looked sleek and modern. Inside there was a vague instruction book and a small six sided die. I thought this might mean that there would be some suggestions on how to use this particular product, and that you could choose with the roll of the dice, but sadly it was just a way to promote some of picobongs other products. The Koa did not come with batteries, so after appropriating a single AAA from one of the other toys we have, we were in business. Until we had to refer back to the instruction manual to figure out how to turn the thing on and off. The “buttons” are imbedded in the logo, a clever although counterintuitive design choice. Pressing the plus sign made the ring vibrate faster, and holding down the plus sign will allow you to cycle through the different patterns. Pressing the minus sign will lower the speed, and holding it will turn it off. It has a range of vibration speeds and patters, however, none really seemed to wow my girlfriend.

Then there’s the ring, or the hard plastic clip, rather. Again another odd design choice as it seems it might slip off smaller gentlemen, and not even fit on those who are well endowed. I did not have either of these problems, but I could see how the rigidity of the “ring” could cause them. Even with the right fit it was not a comfortable experience. The clip kept flipping to position the bullet facing either to the left or the right, and any attempt to reposition ended in the same way, making it impossible to position it in a way to stimulate my partner. She also complained about the hard plastic not being comfortable for her. After about 10 minuets we gave up on the koa entirely.

I wanted to like this product. Its sleek design and attractive packaging were exciting to begin with, but a series of confusing design choices made it impossible for my girlfriend and I to have a good time.

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