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Thanks Babeland, for giving me a long awaited opportunity to try out your vibrating pleasure panties. I think it’s great when you and your partner can use a toy together and that was one of the main reasons I wanted these. The fact my boyfriend could have control of the remote and what the panties did was appealing to both of us.

I had forgotten the panties were coming and when I opened their box to see a Babeland label I was, needless to say, ecstatic. I took them to my boyfriend and we decided to see what they were all about. We opened the mailing box to see a cute little silky bag that contained a pair of black satin panties, a small pink remote and a bullet. The panties were a little too ‘granny panty’ for me, but they did have a charming ribbon that could be adjusted to fit all body types.

After looking at the panties, it was time to get the batteries and try these out. Not only were the batteries the kind that you have to look for specially in the store1 , which is always a bit of a turn off for me, but they were two different types for the bullet and remote which I thought was kind of odd. The batteries are 23A for the remote and N batteries for the bullet2 .

However, I got over that fact and continued to try them out. I have never used vibrating panties before, but these were nothing like I expected. There is a pocket for the bullet. However, unlike I’d thought, it does not close and the bullet does not fit very well, making moving around with these on difficult. In addition, the pocket was positioned so that the bullet hit the mons pubis rather than the clitoris or any other part of the vagina. In fact, because of the buldge in the front of my panties I actually felt very unsexy and very awkward.

Overall, as vibrating panties, Babeland’s vibrating pleasure panties were very disappointing. However, as I said the bullet is separate from the panties and can be used by itself. I am not a huge fan of bullet vibrators, but as far as bullets go, this is pretty decent. Because it is made of ABS Hard Plastic with Rubber-Cote, it has a nice texture. It also has several vibration options, and the button operated remote can work from about 16 feet away. Please note that if you use the bullet, do not insert it in your vagina as it is for external use only. There is also a seam in the middle, meaning there is a chance it could break in you. Additionally, the crevice makes it a bit unsanitary and harder to clean.

When all is said and done, these panties can be hand washed and line dried. As far as the bullet and remote I would only use toy cleaner on them, it does not say, but they do not appear to be water proof.

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  1. NOT AA or AAA batteries. []
  2. TWO different kinds of batteries is a lot, especially because they aren’t the ol’ standard AA or AAA. []

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