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Posted September 18, 2011 by Insane Hussein in Because I Can, Reviews / 10 Comments

When I originally saw the Kinklab Blindfold, I fell in love with two specific details:

1. The band is non-adjustable (I can just slip it on) and elastic, and

2. The material is easy to clean.

Now, being a fan of teh lazy-assness, I was all Yes, give to meeee! So let’s begin, shall we?

The blindfold arrived in the usually circumspect packaging Babeland is notorious for1 and, like ShortNSexy’s review of the Kinklab Cuffs, my blindfold arrived in a plastic, mostly see-through package.

While my blindfold is pink, it does also come in all black.

The part that goes over the eyes is cushy, and, while comfortable, was a bit annoying as it kept riding up, allowing me to see what’s going on when I tilted my head back. I had to put my hair in a hair tie, with the blindfold’s headband underneath the ponytail to keep it from riding up. No hair-down for me with this thing.

As I stated earlier, the headband is elastic, which means I can just slip it on, no worrying about tying it on tightly enough. It also fits heads with circumferences of thirteen to twenty-two inches.

I also developed some face sweat when I was wearing this blindfold, and it is due to the material, Polyurethane fabric, which felt a bit like matte pleather. I did get a bit of eye strain/sinus headache-like feeling because the padding bored into my closed eyes, which also didn’t help matters.

As for cleaning, it was simple. Just a few swipes with sex toy cleaner clothes or a damp soapy sponge to remove sweat buildup and a quick air dry and it was ready to go back in my drawer until the next time.

Overall, it was okay and I’ll probably use it again, after a couple Tylenol.

Thanks, Babeland, for the Kinklab blindfold!

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