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Posted September 16, 2011 by Short N Sexy in Because I Can, Reviews / 19 Comments

Thanks to Babeland for sending Kinklab’s Neoprene Cuffs!

Though I know it’s not for everyone, I personally am a fan of being tied up. When I was offered to try out Neoprene Cuffs by Kinklab there was no hesitation. I chose the pink and black cuffs though they do offer all black cuffs for anyone looking for something a bit more discrete. The packaging is partially clear, allowing you to see what is inside and making it easier to decide on which color you would like.

Soon after getting these, my boyfriend and I tried them out. The two cuffs clip together and because they can unclip you can clip them to each other or something else, in our case my headboard has thin poles that we were able to clip the cuffs to. Also because it is a clip if your hands are close enough together you can cuff yourself to something, say a chair, and surprise your partner when they come home.

In the past I have used bondage tape, duct tape, ties, and some other random products. Neoprene Cuffs were by far the most comfortable and sturdy of any of those. The cuffs themselves are very soft and I had no worry of getting stuck or losing any keys since they are velcro.

The only con I can really say about these as far as use is that, unlike bondage tape, if for any reason you put much pressure (wrist, arm, etc) on the metal clip it can be a bit uncomfortable, but honestly that really was not a huge problem for me. It happened a few times and I readjusted.

Lastly, and I have not tried this yet, these cuffs are supposedly washable. As the name states they are made of “neoprene”. Neoprene is a synthetic rubber that is washable and safer for many with latex allergies. It recommends to wash these by hand if you get them dirty. However, as said, I have not gotten these so dirty they need to be washed so I haven’t tried washing them yet. However I would hand wash them with a fabric soap given their material.

Again, thanks to Babeland for Kinklab Neoprene Cuffs!

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