My First Swingers Party, With Kink!

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As a self-identified kinkster switch, I’ve been to a few amazing parties with other kinksters and those who are looking into adding kink into their lives. I love the DC kink community, because they accept us all, regardless of kink or fetish, gender or identity. It’s an honor to be included and accepted for who I am.

As a matter of course, I was invited on Friday (August 19) to attend a kink/swinger party at a swingers club in the Baltimore region. I agreed, as I’d been invited by a pretty amazing Dominant, Domina Vontana (who shall henceforth be referred to as Vee). She’s a pretty amazing chick and she works at Lotus Blooms, a woman-friendly, sex-positive, body-safe toy selling sex store. That was rather long-winded, but true. So I agreed to go to this party, not really knowing what to expect, as I’d never been to a swingers party before. However, I didn’t know that this was a fundraiser for the NCSF (National Coalition for Sexual Freedom) and I was even more curious. It seems that they decided to bring all kinksters and swingers together for the annual fundraiser. I thought this was an exceptionally good idea, as we could bring both communities together.

The NCSF is the National Coalition for Sexual Freedoms. They are a national organization committed to creating a political, legal, and social environment in the United States that advances equal rights of consenting adults who practice forms of alternative sexual expression.

I had so much fun at this party, and I’m going to tell you what I saw and how I liked it. Be prepared for some good times ahead.

When we got there, it was already in full swing1 and some of us had to prepare ourselves once inside, as we were alerted to wear street clothes only outside. Vee changed into a hot corset, thigh high stockings, ankle-breaking heels and a fox tail. A fox tail, you ask? Yes. She kept it on by inserting its handle into her butt. It was sexy. She said, “A real furry would attach it to themself right above the crack, but I’m going for shock value.” I may have swished her tail. Rawr.

I noticed almost immediately that there was porn on every screen. However, it was only straight porn I saw, no GLBT or actual menage porn. Not even anal porn. That was a bit disappointing as I love butt sex.

At one point, when we were downstairs touring the private rooms, we saw James Deen porn. Let me tell you, James Deen has the penis of a god and I want him to fuck me and whisper dirty things in my ear while he does it. I was transfixed and kinda lost interest in the rooms. However, Vee peeled my eyes off the screens long enough to give us an abbreviated tour as all the rooms were occupied.

When I told Vee about James Deen, she immediately went “I LOVE JEWISH MEN, THAT IS MY FETISH!” A woman after my own heart, people!

I also got to meet some amazing kinksters, like British Lucky Paul, who had some pretty excellent bourbon (or whisky, I can’t remember). He is British and he does have an accent. I love the British accents.2

I saw some awesome things, like the piercing station, where a professional piercer was piercing a woman and attaching items as he pierced. The needles stayed in her skin with the accoutrements and she was writhing in ecstasy. We were close enough to see her face. I also saw that she went back for seconds, after she’d had time to come down from her piercing high.

I also saw the rope suspension set up. I was intrigued and did get to see a woman suspended. As she was collared, I knew she was a submissive, if not a slave. It was fucking sexy as hell.

There were also two stripper poles. I did not get on the poles. One, my back hurts. Two, I wanted to watch rather than participate. Vee did get on the pole, and she worked it. Again, Rawr.

There was a dance floor, rather abbreviated, and not particularly used. Though, there were people dancing in the cages on the stage.

However, I think my favorite part of the night was the couple who were fucking in public. As I remember, she blew him, then he fucked her, then he ate her out, then he fucked her some more. I went in closer, for a better view, you understand. *ahem* It was hot and it was raw3 and I found myself extremely intrigued.

There was also an auction, and two Dominants (one male, one female) were auctioned off. Let me tell you, the male Dominant was fucking gorgeous. Beautiful, strong, muscular and his nipples were pierced. For those of you who know, I LOVE pierced nipples, regardless of sex. He even said he could do “sensual and masterful dominance”. The female Dominant said she was a sadist and preferred to dole out pain, but she could do sensual dominance, if that was your (auction winner) preference. She also said she is a puppy trainer. As in, she’ll train you to be a puppy. Her puppy. *fans self*

What I didn’t see were a lot of swingers. I saw more Dominants and their submissives and kinksters. It was a little too laid back, as if the people didn’t really know what they were doing. I felt that the divide between the kinksters and swingers was readily evident, sadly. It could’ve been more, if the line wasn’t so clear between kinksters and swingers and we were all able to mesh to make it a cohesively amazing and unforgettable party.

I won’t forget it, as it was my first-ever swingers party, but I’d love to see more interaction and fun between kinksters and swingers in the future.

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