AAD 2011: A Sad Affair

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When I first heard about Authors After Dark (AAD), I was really excited to attend. I mean, it was $130 for a registration fee that included all of my meals, five thousand books as giveaways (the most at any convention)1 , swag, geared toward readers and giving us the opportunity to have quality time with many authors like Larissa Ione, Lara Adrian, James Buchanan, Jess Haines, Monica Burns, Sylvia Day2, Dakota Cassidy3, Carolyn Crane and many more. We also got to spend time with the publishers and other reviewers and readers.

As someone who doesn’t like to spend a ton of money, this was ideal. Especially because I could share a room with other attendees and reduce my hotel room fee AND not spend an enormous amount of money on meals.

As a matter of course, I do review sex toys as well as romance novels, so I was asked by Stella Price to host the sex toy party since the person who was supposed to host this party decided to not do it. I agreed and even contacted two companies I review for to get some awesome giveaways, swag and discounts. I had to print the discount coupons and pay for them out of pocket. What truly upset me is Stella flat-out refused to pay for printing.4

I arrived a day early (Wednesday) and got everything I needed to do done, including taking the promo down to the hospitality room so they could be included in the welcome swag bags. I also had 2ft x 3ft posters printed but they were NEVER used.5

The sex toy party went well. I was really surprised that so many people attended. We were overflowing as people had to actually stand since all the chairs were taken. I believe the toy that people enjoyed seeing and touching the most was my Njoy Eleven. It is a masterful thing of beauty. I loved that we were able to have fun AND that I did not have to “brown bag” the toys. I ended up closing the doors to the room, so no hotel staff could wander by. There was even a guy or two in the room with us! We also had fun giving away the awesome giveaways that Babeland and Good Vibes gave for this event.

Don’t forget, the coupon at Babeland is still valid through August 31! It’s a 15% discount on your order with code AAD2011!


After the toy party, I went to the blogger slumber party. I had tons of fun there and even won Rita Sawyer’s book, because I got the Pecker Inspector badge in the Sawyer swag bag I picked up. WIN!

I went to dinner that evening with a bunch of AWESOME people. We went to the Perch Pub, where we talked about a ton of things, including butt sex, blow jobs, dildos, various sexual practices and had delicious sangria. After which, since we were all full of good food and sangria, we went back to the hotel and continued to giggle like a bunch of prepubescent girls.6

I got to see Meljean Brook7, KT Grant (aka Katiebabs), Felicia (Geeky Blogger), and several others that I’d met last year at RomCon and this year at RWA. My awesome roommates were Ferishia (Felicia # 2) and her friend, Dina, who is pretty fucking hilarious. They’re a riot in a can, y’all. They’re also awesome.

I got to meet many people, including authors I’d corresponded with (tweeting, FB, email) and people from the publishing houses, like Heather from Decadent Pub, who is hilarious.

I also got to see Allison Pang again, and met her husband, who is a good sport. Oh, his face, when I told him at lunch that the guy who invented the Fleshlight is actually a Virginia police officer. Hah! He’s also cute, if you’re wondering.8

I didn’t stick around for any of the dinners, really, except for the Steampunk dinner and that joke of a Steampunk Ball. The dinner was fun, the food mediocre, but I expect that with convention food. What I don’t expect is the “food” provided at several other events at the convention. The “specials” featured fruit slices and pastries (whatever). I did enjoy the chocolate special, as I love chocolate and I may have overloaded this weekend on chocolate. We decided to go to a chocolate bar Friday evening–it had chocolate pizza and chocolate chai (SO GOOD).9


Here’s what I disliked about AAD. And by dislike, I mean INTENSELY HATED WITH AN INTENSE PASSION:

1. NOT all meals were included. A while ago, Stella made the promise that all meals were included in the $130 registration fee. What does that mean to me? It means ALL meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) on the convention dates (Thursday through Sunday noon). This was a HUGE selling point for me and I was near tears when I learned that I would have to pay for all my own food. At the very least, continental breakfast should have been included.

2. At the welcome event, Stella said that there were to be no egos here and that they would not be tolerated. Um, hello, Stella was The Ego at this event.

3. Stella BLASTING the hotel and calling them “assbags” and “fuck Hilton” in her rant on the AAD Yahoo loop. WHY would the event coordinator do this? In what world is this even acceptable? As the face and talking head of the event, you NEVER EVER do that. Keep your drama backstage and try to keep it from spilling to the forefront.

4. The poor treatment of authors, especially one, in particular, whose email to me of their treatment is quoted below:

A big draw to AAD was Stella’s assertion that she would not treat small press authors any different than New York authors. She even went so far as to write a blog post blasting RT for their poor treatment of small press authors. Well, here’s what happened to me at AADPhilly. I’m a fairly new author published with a couple of small presses. Stella told me all along that I would have to carry my own books in because the bookseller wouldn’t order from small presses. That was no big deal. She also told me that the bookseller would sell the books for me, so no worries there.

On Saturday, at 1:45 p.m., I carried my books into the book signing room as I was instructed to do. Low and behold, there was no spot reserved for me. I stood there for 10 minutes while one of the staff tried to fit me in somewhere. He did find me a spot and I got all set up. Then I wondered how this whole book selling thing was going to work. I asked the author sitting next to me and she said I would probably have to sell them myself. I told her that wasn’t what I was told. So, I got up from my cramped little spot and found two staff members in the corner. I asked them how the book selling was going to take place. I related to them that I was told the bookseller would sell my books even though I carried them in. They told me, since I’m small press and brought my own books, all sales were between me and the reader. The bookseller had nothing to do with it. WTF??? So, here I am, the book signing is starting NOW and I have no money to make change and no idea how to tell people who walk up to my table that they have to pay ME for my books.

I was embarrassed and pissed off. This was my first book signing and AAD ruined it. Being who I am, I made the best of it and enjoyed the readers who stopped to talk to me and bought my book even though it was awkward and strange to ask them for money.

Meanwhile, the NY authors are set up in a spacious square in the center of the room with all their books being sold by the bookseller out front. Hmm…this doesn’t sound like small press authors got the same treatment that the NY authors got. Does it? We’re all equal, my ass.

I went to RT in April, so I can compare these two events. RT was much more organized and honest about what their conference fee included. And a few small press authors I talked to at RT said they were treated very well by the organizers of that con. And there was no separation between the NY authors and the small press authors at the book signing, they were arranged in alphabetical order. They did it right.

5. The booksigning setup. Was I the only one who noticed that the NYT authors got a nice, cozy space in the middle of the room, while the rest of the small(er) press (and self-pubbed) authors sat around the room? I distinctly remember Stella BLASTING RT for treating small press authors poorly and promising that no author was above another at AAD.

6. Opening the Steampunk Ball to the public and it felt so uncoordinated and last minute.

7. The disaster of a freakshow during the Steampunk Ball. WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?! Swallowing and vomiting a goldfish and eating earthworms (even though someone, whose opinion I trust, told me that they were fake). That was so beyond offensive. Especially as the money for the gift basket raffle went to an animal rescue charity. Let’s not forget the broken glass, sperm balloon animal freak show dude PUT IN ONE NOSTRIL AND THROUGH THE OTHER and the swinging of a 15lb iron from wires attached to fish hooks through other freak show dude’s lower eyelids. It was a mass exodus at that point, like when the Jews escaped from Pharaoh.10

8. Stella being rude to the attendees, refusing to answer questions and walking away from them like she’s someone too important to deal with convention questions. Um, no, you’re not.

9. The schedule changes. Many people did not have smartphones and so therefore were unable to use the Guidebook app for the most up-to-date schedule and room assignments. I had this problem, even with the app. (I have an iPhone.)

10. The charity raffle. YES I had issues with it and tweeted about it. I tweeted that I couldn’t find the dude who was selling the tickets for the raffle, that I’d won a basket I never entered my tickets for AND that I thought it was rigged. As you can see, I never said it was rigged, just that I thought it was. Blowing farts in the unprofessional person’s face right now.

11. Stella picking a fight with me in front of people. Really, take the drama to the side and hash it out. You just look so unprofessional and show yourself for an “evil goblin from hell”.

When I went down to the hospitality room to see if I’d won any gift baskets, I found that I’d won a basket which I absolutely did not put my tickets in for. I put my tickets all in for three specific baskets. I hen tweeted that and that the raffle was rigged. The second tweet was just me blowing off steam, but OMG DRAMAZ. I was walking around finding people and trying to say goodbye to them before they and I left for our respective homes. I then ran into Stella (she was with a group of people) and she went off on me. Then I went off on her. Sorry, dude, you don’t get to pull shit like that in front of people. Should’ve been an adult and fucking done it in private BUT NOOOOOOOOOO. She had to do it in front of people. Never start shit you can’t finish, because I’ll motherfucking finish it for you. She blasted me so I called her unprofessional and mean and I told her to fuck herself. She was responding to my “raffle was rigged” tweet and was all “you think I don’t watch twitter?!”. So I responded that I hoped she WAS watching twitter because then she’d know just how unhappy people were with certain elements of the event. Harsh, yes. Truthful, yes. I also said I would give away the basket on my blog. She tried to be all “you’re done here” but I’d already told her I’d never come back to this event. In all truth, I’ll never attend an event she’s planned because I know it’ll be shit and go to hell in a hand basket.

The absolute unprofessionalism of one Stella Price11 is beyond my comprehension. I don’t even understand why she would think it would be okay to snap at people, yelling”I don’t have time for this [or that]” and walking away from attendees with valid questions.

I also met that dude who was dressed in full-out Steampunk regalia. He smelled like three-day-old sweaty, unwashed jock strap and was an ass. He smelled like his personality. I dubbed him Captain Douchebag. I win.








I met this dude and I gave him a dollar for his honesty. And if I could take his photo. Hah!


FAVORITE STORY: Whilst outside the hotel one night with Charlote, Melissa Ecker and Ava Riley, we saw a really hot transit cop. He was hot. I could see the curly chest hairs above his collar and bulletproof vest.12 I kept telling him to come over to us on the sidewalk whilst he was in his car. He didn’t, but asked me to go over to him, which I totally did. He asked me what were we talking about cuz he heard someone mention anal sex.13 I told him I review sex toys and that they’re romance authors. He asked me what my favorite toy is and I told him it was the Njoy Eleven, which is 11 inches of solid stainless steel goodness. He then spread his legs and said he didn’t have 11 inches.14 He then asked if my roommates would mind if I brought a cop up to our room for a midnight fuck. I told him yes, they would mind.15 Alas, I did not get his number. And I wished, for a night, I hadn’t had roommates. *aroused pouty face*



Watch this video in full-screen mode. He also pointed at me. Gross.


CONCLUSION: I’m never, ever, ever attending this event, nor any event that Stella Price is a part of. She is a liar and an unprofessional person who does not deserve my money or further consideration. Thankfully, I had fun with people who were not Stella, and alcohol. GOOD TIMES ABOUND WHEN SHE’S NOT AROUND.

Wait, I already did!


GIVEAWAY: As I stated earlier, I will be giving away the gift basket I mistakenly won. It has books by several authors, including Jessa Slade, whose books rock, and swag. Just leave a comment and your email address (use email AT domain DOT com format, please). Limited to USA residents only (sorry, but it’s a largish basket so would cost more to ship).

Giveaway ends September 2, 2011 at 11:59PM!

Comments will remain open due to the rest of this blog post.

Winners will be announced September 5, 2011!

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  1. While it’s true there were about 5,000 books, I know many people got way more at RT, RWA and RomCon []
  2. Sylvia Day has GORGEOUS eyebrows. I am supremely envious. []
  3. Dakota’s voice is like whisky sex. Forrealz, y’all! []
  4. Forrealz, y’all, she did. SUCH a pisser! []
  5. I did use them at the toy party but they effectively became useless afterward. []
  7. I rehooked Meljean’s corset during the Steampunk dinner. Her outfit? A black and white vertically striped corset with a wonder woman tshirt, black pants and heeled knee-high boots. []
  8. Allison’s husband, I mean, not the dude who invented the Fleshlight–never met him. []
  9. Instead of staying on Friday night for dinner, several of us left during and stayed out through the accompanying dance. []
  11. There is no way in hell I am linking to her. []
  12. I know you’re jealous, Gini Koch, cuz you love the bears. []
  13. LOL, we were talking about it on the street, out loud. []
  14. LOL, I KNOW RIGHT?? []
  15. Even though I wanted to say no. []

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  • Grace Fonseca

    Really found this post to be interesting and informative. I will not be going next year to this event because New Orleans is too far a way. Plus it’s time for me to do new events and meet some fabulous people like yourself. I didn’t let the drama stop me from enjoying myself and having fun.

  • insanehussein

    I didn’t let the negativity win. I had way too much fun with people I’d met before and people I’d met IRL at AAD. However, the piss poor management and coordination of the event and event management couldn’t be let off the hook.

    I did try to be fair and direct, though.

    It was lovely to meet you!

  • This is a great post. I’ve heard lots of horror stories about AAD. So glad everyone was able to have fun regardless!!

  • Bridget Locke

    Wow…am in shock @ your treatment. I’ve only been to one convention ever, which is the Lori Foster Event. Was it perfect? No, but there wasn’t any unprofessional behavior and the food was all provided for you. *hugs*

    Hey, maybe you could go next year!! That way I could meet you! 🙂

  • Tigris Eden

    Girl you hit it on the nose! I love your post! And OMG about the Cop! LOL
    Yes she was extremely unprofessional! I can’t believe half the stuff that went down there, it was just a big hot ass mess!

  • Bells

    You know that I was a witness to a lot and I agree with you on a lot of what you wrote. I feel bad for the author who had a hard time with the signing. They should have been more informative so they could have been more prepared.

    You cracked me up at AAD. See you at another con! 😉

  • binahthebold

    Well I already pretty much knew this was coming. 🙁 I’m sorry some peeps (incl you) had such bad experiences with AAD. You already know I loved it & it was crazy fun meeting you. 🙂

    I have to say, I think I was one of the few peeps who really enjoyed the sideshow. No hard feelings if that isn’t your thing tho. 😛

    Anyway, ironically enough, the Jessa Slade basket was the one I *really* wanted to win! so put me in the imaginary drawing for it i guess. 🙂

    binahpocalypse AT gmail DOT com

  • It was wonderful to see you! I’m so glad we had a chance to chat the night I arrived. The reason I attend reader cons is for those personal moments here and there. (And I’m glad you like my eyebrows. *g*)

    As for the book signing, I *think* the authors in the center of the room were the event sponsors: Larissa Ione, me, Samantha Sommersby, Cat Johnson, Bridget Midway, Kristen Painter, and Melissa Schroeder. Lara Adrian was placed there, too, most likely to alleviate the possibility that her traffic/line would impede access to other authors. Of the seven of us who sponsored the event, I believe only Larissa, me, and Kristen Painter are NY published authors (although we’re all also published by small presses).

    Now, I could be wrong. I don’t remember who was behind me. I only remember Larissa and Lara being to my right, and Kristen Painter and Samantha Sommersby being to my left. (I think Melissa Schroeder might have been behind me…? And Cat Johnson…? Again, not sure.) As a sponsor, I only turned over money; I didn’t participate in the arrangements.

    Anyway, I hope it’s not too long before I see you again! ((hugs))

  • insanehussein

    Oh, we had FUN. SO MUCH FUN! It was awesome to see everyone again and meet people I’d only tweeted with previously!

  • insanehussein

    I might go to Lori’s event! I have to plan for it but I am so hoping to go!

  • insanehussein

    I tried to just be blunt, nothing else. Except I couldn’t resist the goblin comment. (I linked to your post BTW LOL!

    If we can make it to Lori’s event, roomies? I can’t think of anything that would make me MOAR EXCITED! Ok, maybe a man with chocolate dipped exceptionally muscled moobs LOL!

  • insanehussein

    Your Maracapeen saved the day, never fear! We shall meet up again! I loved meeting you, Jess and Jess’s mother (OMG SHE IS HILARIOUS). And Jess really does blush! LOL

  • insanehussein

    Yes, I saw that the NYT authors were in the center. It felt to me, as I have OCD, that the authors should have been lined up alphabetically around the room and into the center. I was scrambling around trying to find the authors whose books I’d brought (I limited myself. This time, it was not like the book binge I brought to RWA in July). Plus the author name tents were small.

    PS: I’m looking at your avatar in your comment and I can still see your eyebrows are awesome. So, I am envious still. We will see each other again! I had such a blast meeting you and seeing those eyebrows in person.

    Perhaps at Lori’s event next year, hmm? I have tentative plans to go via car. From DC. *gulp*

  • I think my books just wanted to go home with you 🙂 As you say, enough alcohol, giggling and references to sex toys make everything better in the end!

  • Kiwi

    I saw your tweets and everyone else’s and I guess I am glad I didn’t go. I was contemplating it due to its low price, but now I see I would’ve been pretty screwed once I got there.
    Will keep the info in the filing cabinet in my brain and hope never to attend an event run by her.
    The but with the cop feels like something that could only happen to you 😉

    kiwi723 AT nycap DOT rr DOT com

  • insanehussein

    This is true. I think your books were all “I wana be with my twinsssssssssz”. Alcohol, giggling and sex toys FTW!

  • insanehussein


    But no, never attending another event she “coordinates”.

  • Lou

    Words fail to describe by how shocked I am by reading your post. It sounds fucking horrendous, and if I was Stella, I would be embarrassed.

    So you paid for food you didn’t receive. She stole (for a length of time) a cake you brought in a hotel where she has no authority over? She’s what, the cake keeper?

    Seriously, I’m appalled. As someone who is planning on going to one of the conventions sometime in the future, you’ve just made it easier for me on which NOT to attend.

    So sorry that you had to go through this.

  • insanehussein

    Yep. The cake wasn’t mine, though. It was bought by another person for an author. It’s up on Tigris Eden’s blog. I’m on my iPhone but the link is above, in the post. The goblin comment.

  • Has

    Wow *HUGS* I am sorry you had a crappy things at the con and I am really surprised that all of this has happened – fish thing eeeek and I cant get over the fact what happened to the cake. But I am glad you did manage to have a good time and yes I am with Lou – dont think I will go to future event with ADD now :S

  • insanehussein

    LOL ADD ADD ADD ADD well, it was more ADHD LOL

  • I’ve been trying to fit in Lori’s event for years now. Next year, I have to make it a must-go. I love Lori madly. 🙂

  • insanehussein

    I was told the registration for Lori’s event is $50 and it does cover all meals. I think hotel rooms are comparable in price to AAD. If so, guess who’s driving out from DC? ME!

  • binahthebold

    OMG I know. Jess gets embarrassed so easily about some things, it’s adorbz. Hahah your terminator dildo was… IMPRESSIVE, I guess. XD

    re: maracapeen: After you and KB made that comment about writing a book, all I could think was “One Dick, Two Dick, Red Dick, Blue Dick.” *eyeroll*

  • Jaime

    Hiya ~

    First, it was so great to meet you and so many of the bloggers, readers, and authors. That was the highlight of the trip for me (as well as seeing the city). I was upset when I learned some of my blogger friends were hurt by circumstances beyond their control. It really created a dark mood. Fortunately, things worked out in the end.

    Either way, I can’t wait for Lori Fosters! It’s one event I’ll never miss unless something important comes up. 🙂

  • insanehussein

    It was awesome meeting you too!! I hope to make it to Lori’s event too!

  • You and Tigris were far from the only ones to get their heads bitten off – in public – by the Ego. On the one hand, I’m sort of glad she finally did it to people willing to speak out publicly about her behavior (yes, I’m commenting anonymously, chickenshit). On the other hand, it’s really unfortunate that one rotten person can ruin an entire event for so many people; and I do believe she was the last straw for a lot of us.

  • Hmmm…. I could have sworn I commented yesterday when I read this! Oh well. Thanks for the post. I am so sad that such crappy things happened to my friends and people I care about. It’s a real shame. I had an amazing time with you and all the “tweeps.” Thanks!! *smooch*

  • Okay totally if I can find a way to umm handle OHIO then yes we can room! I totally loved this post and all the great comments! Its a shame really that we had such an awful experience but as you and I have both said we did not let the QOTG ruin it for us ROFL ((See if you can figure out that ACRONYM))

    And to the one person who also had similar experience to the creature of distaste well like she said it needed to be said and you pretty much did this post justice!

  • insanehussein

    Queen Of The G— TELL ME TIGRIS!

  • Ferishia

    Love your post!! Despite all SNAFUs and FUBARs I personally experiences with Stella, the hotel and the airlines, Dina & I still had a great time. I’m SO glad we met up and were roomies! 🙂 I’m not going to another AAD, which is really sad, because it COULD have been something made of awesome for me that I would have done annually. Oh well, I have RT on my radar for next year. Hope to meet up with you either at another con, or if I’m in the area visiting relatives. 🙂 *bighugs*

  • insanehussein

    I’m gonna try for Lori Foster’s event next year! I hope you and Dina can make it. Dina is made of win, and you can say so out loud. LOL!

  • Heather

    Hey girlie,
    No matter what, I had fun because I was with such fabulous folks! One of the things that will stick in my mind was breakfast and (oh! Turn around and head back out the door!) Barry Manilows for brunch with you and KT and Geek. Fun hours. No kidding. And the 47lb silver dong. No one will forget it.

    Heather B
    Decadent Publishing

    P.S. Sylvia lives by me so I may see her fabulous eyebrows at Target anytime. Just sayin’!

  • As someone who has been planning events for a while now, I inflames me that people like this exist. Just because you have put on a large convention doesn’t mean you’re suddenly God’s gift to convention owners. The idea if you’re a planner is to make sure that all of your guests are treated with equal respect and dignity.

    Apparently this lady didn’t get the memo. Either that or she took a laser beam to it…. yeah maybe that’s it, after all sharks have laser beams, right?

    Man, that’s just fucking blows and I’m sorry you had to pay good money to deal with such bad shit.

    Oh and I’m not here for the basket. Someone else can enjoy that awesome prize. I just wanted to offer my two cents.

  • insanehussein

    I loved having drinks with you! And talking with you. God the breakfast was hideous, wasn’t it?

    And I’m so jealous that you have such easy access to Sylvia and her eyebrows of Awesomeness.

  • insanehussein

    YES YES YES YES YES! You’ve hit it on the nose!

    Extra brownie points for the Austin Powers reference! *G*

  • Well, I mean sheezus. Why not just call the damn thing the “Ego Summit” and have people walking around shouting how awesome this chick is!? Especially those up and coming authors. Those are the ones that need the most cuddling and front-row treatment. They’re the ones that can be the next blockbuster stars, and how cool would it have been to say that your event helped them achieve a level of status.

    At this stage, she’ll be fucking lucky if those authors even acknowledge they were alive during that time.

    Oh and about that not paying for all meals thing…that’s a total bullshit move on her part. As long as a conference spells out exactly what you’re paying for and then sticks to what they spelled out, no one should have problems.

    You know what this reminds me of: You’re driving down a street and you see this woman standing in front of a gorgeous house. She waves. You wave. You compliment her house. She tells you yeah, it’s nice. Then the front of the house falls over and it’s just an outhouse that smells of shit behind it.

    Yeah, that sounds like how this conference was. Lipstick on a fucking pig.

  • JoAnna B

    You got Jessa’s basket! I put my tickets in there as well. I had a blast at AAD! I know there were a lot of problems that occurred but like many I was there to enjoy myself and meets lots of people I have talked to online and meet some awesome authors. That is what I did so for me it was a blast. How can you hang around Dakota Cassidy and not have a good time! The smoking lounge was a lot of fun even for a non-smoker. I met and talked to a lot of great authors, bloggers and readers.

    beckerjo at verizon dot net

  • Pingback: Giovanni’s Room, Authors After Dark and beyond… a Phillidelphia Round Up » James Buchanan()

  • Liza

    Wow, I was thinking about going to NOLA next year, but after all the stories I’ve heard from this year I might not. Of course, I’d love to meet so many of the authors, I might find a way to go and just avoid anyone who might be unprofessional. Right now the only even I know I’ll go to next year is Lori Foster’s event.

    My email is mslizalou(at)comcast(dot)net

  • Elaine R

    Sadly, I’ve been to conventions like that. Sucks ass.

    Loved your review.

  • Bridget Locke

    If you do decide to go, let me know. I didn’t room w/ anyone. We might be able to do that…if that comment was directed @ me. Lol

  • insanehussein

    This is *highly* possible! I wonder how much the rooms are? Hmmmm…

  • Bridget Locke

    And if it wasn’t…having your own room rocks. 😀

  • insanehussein

    It does suck ass and thank you, my lovely! *muah*

  • So glad I got to meet you, J! I missed the toy party and from all accounts, I missed a goooood time! 🙂 I’m glad you and Tigris and others that received poor treatment were still make to have a good time, in spite of the drama. Still shocked about the basket situation! Sorry you didn’t get those spatulas you wanted! LOVE the cop story!!!

    sweetiepiepen AT gmail DOT com

    {Comment edited to reflect change of blog owner’s name to J. 😀 }

  • insanehussein

    You are so sweet! I loved meeting you too! Hopefully we’ll meet up again. Just not at AAD. 😀

  • WOW! Kinda sorry I missed this after this post LMAO.

    At the Lori Foster event the small pub authors sold their own books. Its virtually impossible for a large bookseller to sell something not in their system already. Having said that the authors should have been given ample time to get change and all that.

    Stella sounds like a piece of work….

    Sorry if someone already said the same thing- damn computer wont load the other comments LOL.

    Also I would like 11 inches of solid stainless steel goodness…need me one of those!! Gonna have to look that one up 🙂

    nmulder81 AT hotmail DOT com