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This is my first-ever Authors After Dark!! I am so excited to attend, host a sex toy party, talk to fellow book reviewers, have fun with friends I’ve made and met IRL and to meet new people!

As a part of the sex toy reviewing, I’ve been given some great giveaways and a great discount exclusively for this event!

Babeland and Good Vibes are sex-positive, gender-positive, body friendly stores. They’re a couple of the companies for whom I review sex toys. I’m so happy to be able to work with them for this event! They have also graciously given items for giveaways throughout Authors After Dark.


From Good Vibes:


From Babeland:


**NOTICE: Only AAD attendees are automatically entered to win these giveaways and I’ll choose winners randomly!**1

In addition, I have that fabulous coupon! Just use code “AAD2011” to receive 15% off your order at¬†through August 31, 2011!



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  1. I’m giving a lot away at the sex toy party on Thursday, August 11, at 10PM cuz Hilton hotel is being a bitch about sex toys being out in the open. Methinks they are afraid of sexuality, though they shouldn’t be, after Paris Hilton. []

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  • carmen

    How did your first sex toy party hosting go?! It’s great that you are so passionate about your job! I’m looking forward to reading your sex toys reviews and trying some out for myself!