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Posted August 10, 2011 by Insane Hussein in Because I Can, Reviews / 1 Comment

Pink Unity Silicone/Water Based Hybrid Lubricant 3.3 oz BottleHey all, so I received the Pink Unity Hybrid Lube from Fun Wares and it’s pretty nifty.

It comes in a plastic bottle with Pink’s logo and accompanying information, including type of lube and ingredients. The dispenser has a detachable safety latch, which effectively keeps the dispenser from being depressed so lube is not accidentally removed from the bottle.

I like this lube for a variety of reasons, including the fact that the hybridization of the water and silicone bases meant that this lube would not be as hard to remove as only silicone-based lubes. I was able to remove this lube with a couple applications of soap and water–not uncommon for me with lubes with a silicone base. This was, and is, a major point with me. I love lubes that will clean off easily, or as easily as possible.

This lube is silky, which is expected with its silicone base1 and is really a nice consistency. It isn’t too thick but it does trickle off my fingers, which would be the water base. However, I found that adding lube in small quantities lessened the chance of being too messy and things slipping out of my hands and potentially breaking.

However, as it is a silicone hybrid, I highly recommend spot-checking this lube on any silicone toys before use, as silicone lubes have a tendency to degrade the silicone material of dildos and vibes. I also recommend a towel under you, as this lube did stain my sheets.2

Again, thank you Fun Wares for sending this lube for review!


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  1. really, how many times must I repeat myself? []
  2. it was a slight stain, and you probably wouldn’t see it, unless you were looking for it. I recommend Tide’s Spot remover since it helped remove the stain. []

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