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I received the ""” target=”_blank”>Pink silicone lube from Fun Wares a while ago and have only used it a handful of times. I didn’t like it, and I was frustrated with it.1

This lube comes in a rectangular four-ounce glass bottle which is clear with Pink’s logo and other identifying information about the company and the lube itself. It’s got the same dispenser setup as the Pink Unity Lube and is silicone based. However, that’s where the comparisons stop.

This lube is actually 100% silicone based, which means it has a more silky feel and a slightly thicker, less messy consistency. It does feel great but I found that it was TOO HARD TO CLEAN OFF. It was much harder to clean off than other silicone lubes I’ve got. This frustrated me to no end. I had to try to wash it off more than 5 times, including in the shower, but there was still a lot left on me. It was a bit easier to clean off my toys, and I believe it’s because they’re man-made material (I used this on my non-silicone toys because I didn’t feel good about using it on my silicone ones.)) , not human skin.

Because this lube is silicone based, you should always spot check on your silicone toys before using together, as it may degrade the silicone toys. I still suggest not using them together.

This is not a lube I will be using in the near future, as most of my favorite toys are silicone and this lube was just too hard to try clean off of myself.

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