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When I first saw the Hidden Treasure Vibe for review on Babeland, I wanted it.

Okay, the packaging sucked me right in to wanting to review this toy and I was all OMG YES I MUST HAZ IT. It was very aesthetically pleasing, with the blue and green colors and the pirate woman on the front.

It was a pretty pearlescent toy with a metal-looking studded base. Oh, and it came with a cute toy treasure chest in the same color and design as the toy itself. The lid of the toy chest is completely removable (as you can see in the photo below) and it is lined with black satin. It’s a great way to store the toy out in the open, if you don’t want the toy to be completely visible or obvious to the casual eye, sitting on your dresser.

It’s a sweet little vibe and is better described as a pocket vibe as it’s small (4.75 inches long, 1-1/8′ wide). I couldn’t insert it because there is no real grip. Believe me, I tried to insert it. It was a slippery mess and I had to dig for it at one point.1 I put it in too far, because I forgot to use it shallowly since it isn’t very long and, well, my vagina isn’t shallow.

The design on the toy and the chest are the same, with matted swirls, kinda like lattice work, over a pearlescent white/cream color. The base of the toy is made to look like metallic studding but is in fact very well appliqued plastic.

(The vibe I have is pictured here, to the right.)

This cute vibe has three vibration settings, all controlled by the white button on the handle end of the toy. It’s easy to use as you just press the button and the vibes start up. The vibes increase in intensity with each click, until the fourth click turns it off. The vibes are buzzy, which are my favorite, but I found them to be more for building arousal than for reaching orgasm.

I was only able to reach orgasm using this toy on the strongest vibe with an internal dildo as I jacked off.What does this mean? It means that  I prefer to let the Hidden Pleasures Vibe swashbuckle2 my clitoris while I’m using an awesome internal dildo, like my Pure Wand. ((I’m in love with my Pure Wand. FYI.))

This particular vibe takes one AA battery, which isn’t included3, and is inserted into the toy by screwing off the base.4 The vibe, including its storage chest, are made of hard plastic, which makes it really great when it comes to cleaning it.

The Hidden Treasures vibe is waterproof, so I was able to use it in the shower for a nice buzz and was able to clean it easily with soap and water. I was also able to clean it with a sex toy cleaner. Since this is a vibrator, it should not be put in the dishwasher.

All in all, I’d say this toy is better used with dildos to achieve orgasm. If you’d like a nuce buzz, this is good too.

The Hidden Treasures Vibe is $32.00 on Babeland. Thanks for sending me this cute vibe, Babeland!

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  1. I’ve never had to dig for a condom, but you get the gist. []
  2. Swashbuckle because this is a pirate-themed vibe. []
  3. Thank god I have a ton of batteries, eh? []
  4. Make sure to always screw the base back on totally, so it can remain waterproof. []

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