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Over time, I’ve used several different lubes, but I can say with absolute certainty that my love of Sliquid continues on.1

Sliquid Silk is a water-based lubricant with a silicone blend, meaning it is composed of water and silicone. However, what sets Sliquid Silk apart from other lubes I own is that it is pearlescent.2 It’s milky, which makes me think of cum which then makes me think of sex and its aftermath. It gets me hot and bothered.3

True to its name, Silk has a silky feel when I did a test and rubbed it between my fingers. It also kept its milky color after several rubs. It was really nice and something I’ve come to expect from Sliquid. I was able to use Silk with several of my sex toys, but I was more hesitant about using them on my silicone ones due to its being partly silicone based.4 To avoid possible degradation of my silicone toys, I used non-lubricated condoms to protect them from that possibility. (I only used non-lubricated condoms because I didn’t want another lube to interfere with my experience with Silk.)5


I really liked the feel and look of the lube while I was using it and after I’d finished. It was had a smooth consistency and made it easier to insert the toys and have fun. It also looked like I’d had sex because of its milky consistency. This was especially true for when I was removing the condoms from my silicone toys, because it made it a little more real. Even though I know I did not have sex, it was still a nice little bonus.

As you can see in this image of the back, it clearly states that it is a water-based lube with a silicone blend.

It was a little bit of a hassle to clean off, due to the silicone blend, but after a couple washes of the non-silicone toys, I was able to get it off. Getting it off of myself was a little harder, as I had to dampen a washcloth and use it to thoroughly clean it off in a couple tries.

In all, it worked really well, though I did not use it on the silicone toys without a condom as a barrier. I enjoyed the feel and the silky smooth glide as I was inserting the toys and playing. I also enjoyed the pearly lube look during and after play. Like I said previously, it looks like I’d had sex.

I’d recommend this lube to anyone who would like to have these attributes during their play. Actually, I’d just recommend Sliquid. They rock. Seriously. They do. Can you tell I really love Sliquid?((I have a rabid love of all things Sliquid.))

Thanks to EdenFantasys for sending me Sliquid Silk, a fabulous addition to my lube collection! Hopefully I don’t run out of it soon…


Sliquid Silk

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  1. I have Sliquid Sassy and I HEARTZ it muchly! []
  2. It looks like cum, forrealz. []
  3. I love sex. []
  4. Using silicone based lubes on silicone toys is NOT recommended. []
  5. Also, possible lube battle. EPICZ []

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