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GUYS! BlogFest 2011 is HERE!! You may remember that Insane Hussein Reviews participated last year… Well, we’re in it again this year with a fun prize pack! You can also keep up with which blogs you’ve visited (and contests entered) here.

We’re giving away TWO SETS of Brides Quartet by Nora Roberts (Boxed Set) to two lucky winners!




1. You MUST leave a comment telling me what your favorite Nora Roberts novel is OR which of her books did you first read. Your email address is part of your name when you leave your comment, so that’s taken care of.1

Please note: All entries must be entered as individual comments, not grouped together in one comment. Any entries that are grouped comments will not be counted–no exceptions. This means, only one link per comment for all additional comments!

This contest is open internationally, wherever US Postal Service ships.

All entries will be held in moderation if you have never posted a comment here OR it’s been a while since you have commented. All comments will be screened and approved as they come in (WordPress app is on le iPhone).


1.Tweet about this contest twice daily: “I entered @j_hussein’s giveaway of Nora Roberts Brides Quartet Boxed Set!” OR “@j_hussein’s giving away a boxed set of Nora Roberts’ Brides Quartet on her blog 7/15-7/19!” OR any variation thereof with @j_hussein and in the tweet. Comment with the links to the tweets here.

2. Follow us on other social networks (links are in the sidebar–the heart-shaped images) like Facebook, Twitter, etc., and comment with the links (if available) here.


Winners will be announced here and on Twitter on Monday, July 18, 2011 and will be emailed on the same day. If the winners do not reply within 48 hours, they forfeit the prize and new winners will be chosen (same rule applies for any other winners).

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  • It’s been a while since I’ve read my last Nora Roberts. I absolutely devoured her with ther releases of Homeport, Birthright, End Of the River etc. One of my all time favorite NR is Carnal Innocence, NR did small town romance before it got a hype LOL

  • insanehussein

    This contest is open internationally, wherever US Postal Service ships.

    (WordPress iPhone app won’t let me update the blog post from my iPhone. Major fail.)

  • Ruth Hill

    I have never read a Nora Roberts book, but I have wanted to for some time. I loved the movie of her book the Notebook! I cry every time I see it.

  • Ruth Hill

    like you on facebook

  • Ruth Hill
  • insanehussein

    Actually, Nora Roberts didn’t write The Notebook, that was Nicholas Sparks.

    Nora does have some of her books turned into movies on Lifetime, though. Those were fun! 😀

  • jennifer mathis

    can you believe I have never read Nora ( hangs head in shame )
    meandi09 AT yahoo DOT com

  • Tatiana Lammers

    I love Stanislaski Saga by Nora Roberts!

    And I have read many of her books. I am a big Nora Roberts fan.
    The Key trilogy was awesome too =)


  • GFC follow Leanne109

    Eve Dallas Rocks! Love Nora Roberts!


  • I’ve actually never read Nora Roberts. I got this series for a friend for Christmas though, and she really loves them.


  • Rad Hall

    I’ve heard her name, often, but I can’t say I’ve read her yet …

  • Rad Hall

    Follow on Twitter – Rad_Hall

  • I have actually never read a Nora Roberts book but I have heard many wonderful things about her and her writing style.

    I tweeted about this giveaway on Twitter (@skyla11377).


  • isabelle

    i’ve never read anything from this author but really would like to.

  • I actually read only one of her books so far, CAROLINA MOON, which was lent and recommended to me by a co-worker. I loved it(the Lifetime movie was pretty good too).

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  • books4me

    I loved Nora’s trilogy “Born In”.

  • GFC follower: books4me

  • Mona Garg
  • xxsquigglesxx

    Thanks for the giveaway! I haven’t read any books by Nora Roberts so I’d love to start with these!

  • xxsquigglesxx

    I ‘like’ you on FB (Stacey B.)

  • xxsquigglesxx

    I follow you on twitter (@squiggles87)

  • Ellie

    Love this giveaway. Thanks! My first Nora Roberts book was The Seven Trilogy that got me hooked on all her romance novels

  • First Nora Roberts book? I can’t even remember!! It was probably under her J.D. Robb pen name with Naked in Death I think. I think that would suffice, right?

  • GFC Follower: Under the Covers

  • insanehussein

    Yes, as JD Robb is her pen name for her In Death series. 🙂

  • My favorite by Nora is High Noon, and of the quartet it would have to be Happy Ever After

  • I am a GFC follower

  • Jennifer H.

    I liked Dance Upon the Air
    jenhedger at hotmail dot com

  • Jennifer H.

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  • I loved the trilogy Born In, her characters are always so intense. edysicecreamlover18ATgmailDOTcom GFC Krystal Larson

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  • Tina W

    I have not read any of Nora Roberts books. : (

  • Tina W

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    Liked your blog on Facebook: Tina Brown Wheatley

  • Tina W
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    Goodreads: Tina Wheatley

  • I loved her Key Trilogy.

    sstrode at scrtc dot com

  • Lisa Collins

    Vision in White is the only one that I have read…I would love the set so I could find out what happens next!

  • My favorite novel by Nora Roberts is her newest one – The Search. Thanks!

  • I like your fb page as Becca Okaneko

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  • I added you on Goodreads as Becca

  • JessS

    Okay I feel really bad admitting this but I haven’t read any Nora Roberts books yet. But I really want to and this collection looks so good. Thanks.

  • I never read Nora Roberts, but she always pops up on blogs/forums/google/goodreads so I’m curious about her writing!

    Thank you for opening this internationally (I hope you’d use Book Depository, ’cause I think shipping to Italy’s otrageous…)

  • The first novel I read by Nora Roberts (and my very first romance novel!) was Born in Shame, which remains to this day one of my favourite NR books and my favourite series from her is the Born in series 😀

    Thank you for the great giveaway! *hugs*

    stella.exlibris (at) gmail (dot) com

  • I follow you on FB as Stella Ex Libris

    Thank you for the great giveaway! *hugs*

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    Thank you for the great giveaway! *hugs*

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  • I think my first Nora Roberts was Northern Lights, but it’s possible I read some of her early Harlequins and don’t recall. NL is definitely still one of my favorites. I also really liked her recent one, Chasing Fire.

  • Happily Ever After was the first one I had read 🙂

  • I liked the Three Sisters Island trilogy.
    I’m a follower on GFC (Jennifer Wells), Twitter (AuthorJenWells), FB (Jennifer Wells-Marani), and goodreads (Jennifer Wells).
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Lol ok..My fav Nora Roberts series was the garden trilogy.
    Im a GFC follower Nikki

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  • I’ve actually never read Nora Roberts before
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  • My first Nora Roberts books were the MacGregor saga, I think there are at least 6 books 🙂
    My favorite are the Gallaghers series, or the Chesapeake Bay series…oldies but goodies!!

    inspiredbyfiction at gmail dot com

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  • I’m just starting to read NOra Roberts, well Dallas and Roarke’s saga 🙂 I love it!

    gfc follower

    glory.northernlights AT gmail DOT com

  • I recently read my first Nora Roberts (JD Robb) novel and really liked it. It was Naked In Death and plan on reading many more!

    GFC follower – Maria (pronounced Mariah)
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    Thank you!
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  • The first Nora Roberts book I read was Naked In Death.


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  • I haven’t read any of Nora Roberts books but this series is on my wishlist!

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  • I have never read any Nora Roberts novels but would love to! Thanks for the chance to win!

    mary_reiss @

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  • Sarah Bibi Setar

    Thansk for the great giveaway!:)

    My mum adores Nora Roberts. My favourite Nora Roberts novel is Black Hills. I read it when I had exams coming up and just couldn’t put it down. Thanks for the giveaway:)


  • Sarah Bibi Setar
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  • I can’t seem to find my previous comments, but to summarise:

    My favourite Nora Roberts book: Black Hills
    I tweeted:!/SweetNSensible/status/92771130686967808
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  • I also follow via e-mail: sarahDOTsetarATgmailDOTcom

  • Mona Garg
  • My favorite is Happy Ever After.


  • I follow you on twitter as ChelseaCarson1

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  • Leilani

    I actually haven’t read any of her so unloved to read these!

    Leilani @ leilanilovesbooks . Com

  • Leilani

    I also follow you on Twitter @Leilani_Lopez

    Leilani @ leilanilovesbooks . Com