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Ok, so I was going through some of my RWA 2011 swag and I noticed something a bit unusual. It was a bookmark for Victoria Dahl‘s upcoming Donovan Brothers Brewery series. That’s when I noticed something off about the covers on the bookmark1–they looked almost exactly like Carly Phillips‘ covers for her Bachelor Blogs series. DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE?


Carly Phillips Bachelor Blogs series:


Victoria Dahl’s Donovan Brothers series:

Tell me you see what I see? I feel as if the publisher2 decided to recycle covers and just “spruce em up a bit”.3

Also, if you can find the bit of sarcasm I’ve thrown in re this blog post, I’ll give you an extra brownie point, though I don’t keep count.

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  1. I can’t show the bookmark because it is very small, but I have the covers for books 2 & 3 of the Donovan Brothers series []
  2. Harlequin cuz that’s where it’s at, obviously. []
  3. Which also obviously boggles my mind. I understand Fabio covers being reused, but nothing so blatant as this. []

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  • Yeah, I’m a little ashamed at HQN right now. They took another author’s cover look and tweaked it just a tiny bit. Seems a bit stupid since Victoria Dahl had her own cover branding they could have continued.

  • Exactly! The only real difference is the font and stylization of the author’s names. Those are specific branding, and it shows especially on their sites.