Review: Babeland’s Edible Body Chocolate

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Thanks Babeland for your Edible Body Chocolate and a tasty good time!

I have actually never used body chocolate before, though I have been intrigued by it; my boyfriend is rather turned off by the sticky mess it leaves. I must say I was very surprised by how not sticky this was and how genuinely good tasting it was as well. It’s great to lick off your partner, and even better to be licked off of you.

Babeland’s Edible Body Chocolate is a mix of sugar, organic cocoa powder, safflower oil, organic coconut oil, organic cocoa butter and vanilla. So for those of you with diabetes, chocolate or coconut allergies you probably want to avoid this. I would also recommend watching where you put this as to avoid yeast infections due to the high sugar content. Make sure to keep it away from your or your partner’s vagina.

That being said, this product tasted amazing, pretty much like a mounds bar in fudge form. I was also pleasantly surprised to see the organic ingredients, which I did not use to care about, but the more I learn about agricultural practices the more I appreciate organic food.

Edible Body Chocolate comes in a resealable jar and makes for quite easy application. When actually applying it you really do not need too much unless you are ready to spend hours licking. It is not terribly thick, it’s rather silky. However, it has the perfect level of density to keep it from dripping off. As far as care, just make sure to close the jar and keep it at room temperature. According to the label it should have an 18 month shelf life if kept like this.

Overall, though nothing super unique or crazy, I think this is a great product for couples as well as little flings and I would recommend it to anyone looking to spice up their love.

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