Review: GUSH: The Official Guide to the G-Spot & Female Ejaculation

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Thank you, Good Vibes, for giving me the opportunity to review GUSH: The Official Guide to the G-Spot & Female Ejaculation!

This is my first time watching a movie with information from Dr. Carol Queen, and I found it to be quite informative. Dr. Queen gives a lot of good advice on how to find the g-spot and how to elicit an ejaculation (g-spot orgasm).

Dr. Queen is a sex educator for Good Vibrations and has been and has written several books and appeared in informational videos about sexuality and sexual health. She also is a speaker and has presented at numerous events around the country.

GUSH is an informational video about how to find the g-spot and how to achieve the female ejaculation. I think Dr. Queen clearly described how to find the g-spot, especially as to what you should feel for (anatomically) and how to stimulate your  or your partner’s g-spot to achieve orgasm with instructional scenes in between her advice sections.


I think this was a great way to help women and men learn more about the g-spot and how to work toward having a female ejaculation. Dr. Queen is very personable and open when answering questions from callers and from the radio host. She is very straight forward in relaying the information and expressing how the g-spot orgasm can be achieved, if the ejaculate might instead be urine and when you should tell your partner that you ejaculate. Dr. Queen also stresses that g-spot orgasms are not absolutely necessary to have a full and satisfying sex life; instead, it’s all about the journey to sexual satisfaction.

The first instructional scene is performed by Syd Blakovich and Sophia St. James. They’re using their tongues and fingers to stimulate each others’ clitorises before engaging the use of a pure wand to have the females ejaculate. I wasn’t particularly enamored of this scene as Syd and Sophia were primarily quiet.

The second scene features Mirabelle Hayes and Maxwell Silver. They start with foreplay and then he takes all his time in pleasing her with his body, fingers and tongue. In addition, Mirabelle uses the Hitachi Magic Wand to help her become more aroused while Maxwell helps her reach orgasm while thrusting vibrators inside her vagina. This scene was also more quiet than I usually like.

The third scene was performed by Jiz Lee. Jiz is a master of masturbation and orgasm. They start off by playing with themself before moving on to using various toys to help thier orgasm. A few things I didn’t like were the cracking bed sheets. I was put off by this and felt it detracted from the scene.

However, I was told by Jiz that there was a large tarp-like sheet under the linens to protect the mattress (mattress was still soaked) for their solo scene since they’d given their Liberator Throe to Dylan Ryan and Mickey Mod for the couch they used in the first part of their scene.

*Please note: I am referring to Jiz as ‘they/their’ because that is how Jiz prefers to be addressed when using personal pronouns.

The fourth scene is performed by Dylan Ryan and Mickey Mod. Their scene, I think, is the best. In this scene, there was a little more to it than just masturbation and sex. They had an ambience of a couple living together with their quirks. Dylan comes home to Mickey preparing dinner and wants to have sex before they eat. Mickey agrees and begins to kiss and engage in foreplay with her. They soon make their way to the couch and Dylan also used a Hitachi Magic Wand to help her become more aroused. Soon thereafter, Dylan reaches orgasm. Later on in the scene, they move to the bed where Mickey proceeds to keep fingering her and then starts to have sex with her as she reaches several gushing orgasms.

Did I forget to mention, Mickey Mod was icing some chocolate cupcakes??? HE WAS!!!

The fifth, and final, scene was performed by Gloria and Altair Shadow. It was minimal, at best, as only one woman (Altair) achieved orgasm but the other did not–no reciprocity. A Hitachi Magic Wand was used to help achieve orgasm.

This was a very good instructional aid on how to reach the g-spot orgasm and Dr. Queen and the actors did a very good job of showing that. This DVD does come with extra features, such as myths and challenges of the g-spot, a slideshow, cast interview AND a Dylan and Mickey extra.

Good job, guys, I did enjoy this and I feel as if I know much more now about my own g-spot than before.

You can get GUSH here. Thanks again GoodVibes!

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