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Posted March 8, 2011 by Insane Hussein in Because I Can, Reviews / 1 Comment

Thanks to Fun Wares for this cute teddy bear!
You’re probably wondering, why is this crazy girl reviewing a teddy bear? It’s because this bear is a freaking sex toy storage teddy bear, that’s why. Forrealz guys.

I like this bear, it’s large at 24 inches (2 feet) tall and is soft and silky fur cuddly. I keep him in my bed, since he’s a nifty pillow *cough* and I like keeping certain items on deck, as it were.

The storage pocket is deep, extending from the back of the bear’s neck to its furry bottom, and can hold a toy at least eight inches long in the storage bag it comes with.

The inside of the bear’s compartment is hot pink satin-like cloth and the storage bag is a gray velvet-like cloth with a light pink drawstring.

This does all fit into the bear, but it takes a bit of maneuvering to get the toy in the accompanying bag into the compartment.

The clasps of the bear’s storage are metal magnetic buttons, like the ones you see on ladies’ purses and neatly tuck into the seam at the back of the bear’s neck, making it practically invisible unless you know what you’re looking for.

I have stored the Onyx Wand, Mega Nubby and condoms in this bear and because it is plush and padded enough, neither the wand nor the Mega Nubby, both glass toys, show signs of breaks.

However, do be sure, if you do store glass toy, to check for any breaks. Also, while this is a great storage unit, make sure to disinfect your toys before use, after taking them out of the bear, since they might catch fibers on their bodies. This is especially true to silicone and other similar material toys.

Below are some photos I took (iPhone quality) of the bear and its aspects, including the back (can’t really see the storage seam), the view of the metallic button and my arm to see how far down the depth is, and the top view of the inside of the toy, to see the drawstring bag in it (it housed a different toy, which I will review soon).


Now, this is a great thing to have, whether you use it for storage, a pillow or as a cuddle buddy.

Again, thanks to Fun Wares for this cute teddy bear!

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