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Onyx Prostate Massage Wand

First, thanks to Fun Wares for this fun toy!

I enjoyed using the Sinclair Institute Onyx Massage Wand (wow, a long name, so I shall just call it the Onyx Wand).

When I received this toy, it did come in the package pictured at left but did not include a storage bag, like the Don Wands with their cushioned velvet bags.

This was a nifty toy, with its ridges and unique design (gray matte swirls on the smooth black) and interesting texture and shape. The Onyx Wand is 5 3/4 inches in length and is one inch thick, with a curved body, to provide maximum comfort when using it. Now, I don’t have a prostate, but I do have a g-spot, and I used this toy for that effect.

The ridged end felt really good on my g-spot, and is rigid enough to give me the amount of pressure I need to play with this toy vaginally, including a very nice curvature so that I didn’t have to adjust the angle of the toy, once it was in. I particularly liked the bumps along the shaft, when I was using it as it provided different girths as I pumped it.

Onyx Wand

The body is as such: Top is a round smooth end, with a nice curved body and additional round balls along the body. The end is tapered with a series of three ridges on the inside of the tip (bottom end). It is pure shiny black in color, with matte grey swirls along the body and around the ends.

I did post an additional photo here, so you can see the actual size as it relates to my hand.


Now, for those who know, I did say this particular review was going to be a doozy…

This is the first time I’ve used a toy anally, and I did like it. It was slim enough at its one inch girth and it did not have much texture (ridges, bumps, etc), which, for me, made it ideal for my first anal toy experience. I did lube up quite a bit, with silicone lube and I went slowly. It slipped in easily and, once again, was rigid enough so that I did not have to worry about controlling that aspect of an anal toy.

Since this is a CyberGlass toy, it was VERY slippery with the lube and my own juices, making it harder to hold on to. Additionally, it was short, and its shortness also contributed to my inability to effectively play with it because I did not have much rom to grip it.

Additionally, due to its material makeup, it is waterproof and the user can engage in temperature play with this toy. I did, by cooling it down and playing vaginally. I did not use temperature play anally, as it was my first time and I was a bit timid in that respect.

Because it is a glass toy, you sterilize it by boiling, washing with water and antibacterial soap or a sex toy cleaner and air dry OR let it run through a dishwasher cycle. However, be careful with storing this toy and future use. With all glass toys, you should always check them before use to ensure that they are not cracked or broken, because, really, do you *really* want a cut in your vagina or anus? Really? No? I didn’t think so.

What I disliked most about this toy is that, while it is billed as a prostate massager, it lacks the flared base to ensure that it doesn’t accidentally slip inside my anus, thus rendering me almost completely useless to remove it. This didn’t happen, thankfully, but it kept me from enjoying it fully, anally. However, its curvature did help to make sure that there was even less chance of this happening.

Again, thanks to Fun Wares for sending me this toy for review!

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