Review: Pink Metal Handcuffs

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Fetish Fantasy Series Pink Metal Handcuffs

Thanks to Pipedream for this fun pair of handcuffs!

I do so love handcuffs, being bound and binding. As to this particular toy, I was unable to engage in couples play, so I couldn’t use it quite as effectively as possible.

The handcuffs are metal and do come with a set of two keys, so you can lock and unlock them, at your pleasure. When I held them in my hands, they felt heavy and cold. The cold was a pleasant shock but soon warmed in my hands.

The pink paint has a slightly rough texture, which added to my fun, and has lasted through all the times I’ve worn them, so I don’t think that it will wear quickly.

I do like handcuffs during bondage sessions and these look and feel like regular handcuffs, giving me a feeling of realism during play. I hope to use them on my next bondage partner as I find pink, especially handcuffs, on a man fun and sexy.

These handcuffs are relatively inexpensive, at $15.95, and do work well against stronger resistance efforts.

When I put them on, I was able to cinch as tight as possible, but they do pinch, since there is no barrier between the metal and skin. I liked that pinch as I do like some pain with my pleasure.

The teeth on the cuffs are deep, to minimize the accidental chances of removing the cuffs. Please note, these cuffs do not come in a discreet package, as you can tell from the image.

Now, these are pink, and pretty (to me), but they are available in other colors such as black, red, silver and purple.

I had fun with this pair of cuffs, but I hope to update this review after having engaged in playing with these with a partner.

Again, thanks to Pipedream for these handcuffs!

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