REVIEW: C-Spot Vibe

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C-Spot Vibe

First, thanks to Good Vibes for this fun toy!

Waterproof, buzzy and not too loud, the C-Spot Vibe is a fun toy to while away some time in bed or in the shower/bath, if you want a pleasant experience.

I like this toy because it’s purple (I do like purple, heh) and also doubles as a g-spot vibe so it probably should be renamed the C/G Spot Vibe, but that, and the fact that it’s aesthetically pleasing, are really all I like about this toy.

I was a disappointed with its lack of strong vibration. I love a good strong vibe, and this one was a hit-and-miss for me.

I tried to use this as its originally intended use, as a c-spot vibrator. The c-spot is a woman’s clitoris, if you didn’t know that.

Now, the spoon-shaped head is supposed to cover my clitoris and the vibrations should be centered over my entire clitoris. Yes, it does this, but the level of vibrations more like a gentle buzz. I turned the dial that controls the vibration’s intensity to the highest and still, nothing. It was pleasant, but I much prefer that it be strong.

I also used it in the shower for a little buzz time and since I didn’t want to do a total wank-off, I liked that it left me feeling pleasant and in a better mood than before my shower.

I’m a bit of a sadomasochist when it comes to my clitoris, and my personal motto is “bring on the strongest vibes, I dare you”.

I also tried this toy as a g-spot stimulator, and didn’t feel much of anything, again, even at its highest vibe intensity. This also disappointed me, as I do love to put pressure on my g-spot with a nice, intense vibe. Unfortunately, this fell far short.

I was able to use the C-Spot Vibe with water- and silocone-based lubricants, so I had no problems there and it’s slim and easy to hold, since only the head is intended for insertion and play.

The texture was also nice, as it was a velvety-smooth hard plastic and was easy to hold onto.

I also liked that this toy was very easy to clean–no crevices where I needed to pay extra attention nor did I have to worry about being careful near the battery’s door, since this toy is waterproof. I was able to clean with antibacterial soap and water, a water-soluable sex toy cleaner, and clorox disinfectant wipes (after the soap and water). I also was able to let this toy air-dry, which, I think, is best when unsure how to dry your toys.

(This toy uses 2 AAA batteries)

Again, thanks to thanks to Good Vibes for the C-Spot Vibrator!

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