Drama Llama Saga: Marie Claire’s Apparent Bigotry

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In this day and age, where “perfection” is perceived for us by those who write about fashion and beauty, we are prone to listen to them and take their word as absolute. However, when said fashion and beauty “experts” tell us that “fatties” expressing their affection for *gasp* other “fatties”, we have to draw the line. We must decide for ourselves what is fashionable and what is beautiful, not relying on others’ opinions. However, we don’t. So, then, is it any wonder that a popular magazine such as Marie Claire, would publish an article as vile as this? Personally, I don’t think so. Marie Claire obviously thinks they’re great and powerful enough to publish such drivel. Thankfully, there are those of us who do know what decency is. We know what hatred and bigotry is, because we are decent and we make our own assessments as to what anything is. We know people who are overweight, self-conscious, depressed, etc. We have that personal connection and so we see those people as beautiful too.

In light of DRAMA LLAMA Maura Kelly’s article, I have written an public letter to Marie Claire:


Dear Marie Claire,

Recently, one of your writers, Maura Kelly, wrote an article about “fat people” kissing in public as disgusting to her. To think that your magazine, one focused, in addition to fashion and makeup, to the empowerment of young girls and women, would allow this drivel to be published is beyond me. Your insane DISability to proactively take charge and monitor what your writers publish is also beyond me.

The article, Should “Fatties” Get A Room (Even on TV)?, is appalling and in such poor taste. It says to me that you are condoning the hatred, bigotry and cruelty of your writers of people who are (to you, unfortunately) not mainstream. Not beautiful. Not skinny. Not anything you seem to think you are. Who are you to tell *us* what is beautiful? What is mainstream? What is *it*? You are supposed to empower women to become all that they can be: beautiful, confident, extraordinary. Yet, you seem to be a bunch of hypocrites. Your version of empowerment seems to be to degrade, insult and be cruel to those that don’t fit your model of a woman.

Overweight people are still people. PEOPLE!!! They have hopes, dreams, aspirations. They also have feelings. FEELINGS! To let your writer think that her spiteful and cruel words are necessary and project a good image of your company, is at best, laughable. You’re supposed to empower girls and young woman; even older, mature women. Yet, you have proven that you are not such a magazine. Instead, you promote hatred, intolerance, cruelty and bigotry. You have shown your true face by letting such garbage as Maura write be published, all without any consideration, whatsoever, of your readers. Young girls reading your magazine will start to think it’s okay to be cruel to larger people, to be spiteful. Your young readers who are, as your Maura has called, “fatties”, will think that they are not beautiful, and will lose confidence in themselves, especially in their self images and self worth. You’ve done serious damage.

Overweight people feel that stigma and are already not confident and uncomfortable around others YOU have perceived as beautiful, as perfect. There are even those overweight, and yes, obese, individuals who are actively seeking a way to shed the extra pounds so that THEY feel better about themselves and are, ultimately, more healthy. Again, I ask, who are YOU to say what perfection is? What a woman is?


“Fatties” are, yes, overweight and, to you, unseemly. They are, apparently, to you, models of ridicule, because you can and you think you can get away with it. Well, you can’t. I’m putting my foot down. My FAT foot down.

That’s right, I’m overweight. I’m slightly obese. But I know who I am. I know what I want in this life and how to get it. I am woman. I am WOMAN. I AM WOMAN!

I am big(ger), yes. I am Beautiful. I am confident. And I refuse to let you, or anyone else, tell me otherwise. So take your hate, bigotry and your cruelty and go fuck yourself. I’m through with you. Through!


A Confident Woman


Want to let Marie Claire and Maura Kelly (article writer) know how you feel? You can, via twitter! @MarieClaire and @MauraKellyBlog



Maura Kelly did apologize, but it was a ridiculous parody of such. She basically said “I’m anorexic too, so I can be in your club, right?” Bitch, no. Just no. Who are you to try to come up in here and try to be all “I’m one of you” when you basically said you hate fat people and find their walking across the room to be disgusting to you.

All I have to say to you, Ms. Kelly, is this:




Seems editor-in-chief, Ms. Coles, decided to step in and defend her blogger. Great, now we know you hate fatties too. Good job, you demented cow.

Then Marie Claire’s apparent attempt to spin this by having other “fattie” bloggers chime in with their own opinions. Wow, way to single out other “fatties” and make them upset and demoralize them. *claps hands sarcastically*



Marie Claire took down, then put back up, Maura Kelly’s blog post. However, I am a true “fattie” patriot in the “Fattie Land” and have decided to capture screenshots of the blog post AND provide the Google Cache link to you guys. I’ve also taken a screenshot of my email to Ms. Coles (my real name has been blanked out of the email) for your viewing pleasure.


Beginning of Maura Kelly’s Hateful “Fatties” Blog Post


Maura Kelly’s Hateful “Fatties” Blog Post Continued 2/3


Maura Kelly’s Hateful “Fatties” Blog Post Continued 3/3


My Email to Joanna Coles


If you want a copy of these screenshots for your own, just click them, wait for the image to load in a new page, then bookmark the screenshot pages. Please remember to credit me when using them for your own blog posts or referencing them. Thanks!!


What are your feelings on Marie Claire’s letting Maura Kelly post this blog post? Do you agree, disagree? Why?

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  • Dren


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  • My size 10 hips, ass and stomach thank you.

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  • I can’t believe that I used to subscribe to that magazine. Every one is entitled to their own opinion, but young girls have enough issues to worry about of their own. How will this article help them with being overweight and with body image issues? I am so upset right now, I can’t think straight to write.

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  • insanehussein

    It’s disgusting and, frankly, disappointing that such a magazine would ever publicize something like this.

  • Patti

    Wow. How did that article get past her own proof as well as editorials and no one raised an eyebrow? This only confirms my belief that fat people are the last group that it’s still “ok” to laugh at.

    Big, fat, FAIL, marie claire.

  • insanehussein

    Exactly, AND she said she wasn’t a “size-ist”. Bullshit. >:(

  • As a person who was once 300 pounds and still overweight at 188, I am appalled at that article. She was mean, insensitive, and downright displaying “bully” behavior (do it my way, the right way, if not I will use my words to hurt you). The fact that a magazine would publish something like that (and let’s not mention her bad editing) without even so much as a “the opinions based in this article are not those of the magazine” (on top of just publishing it in the first place) is just pathetic. WOW just WOW!

  • Kristin @nocturnalbites

    Unbeleivable!!! Thanks for the twitter info!!

  • Kristin @nocturnalbites

    Oops, I meant unbelievable!!

  • I completely agree. It’s unbelievable that it was even posted by Marie Claire. She has nothing to support her claims. Her “apology” states that she suffers from anorexia and this might be why she finds overweight people “aesthetically displeasing.” It’s just wrong. It’s hate. I’m still wondering where the editor was on this.

    Good write up!!!!

  • This article is just plain wrong. All about hate and making people feel bad and ugly. They suck. Great post, btw.

  • Lea

    Ms. Kelly’s article was horrible and hateful and was bigotry. It’s a shame this kind of journalism is allowed and MC should be blackballed.

    Thanks for your great post.

  • DawnG

    Brava! Wonderful response to Maura Kelly’s Marie Claire article. After reading her article, I threw up a little bit. I’m glad, though, that there are people like you who believe that we (larger people) can be who we want to be. Thank you.

  • WELL SAID sweetie! Thank you for an intelligent, emotionally powerful response! I gave up subscriptions to all “women’s magazines” back in college when I kept crying myself to sleep b/c I was “ugly” – based on the fact that I didn’t conform to the magazine’s projected images of beautiful.

  • Hi there,
    I found your blog through Follow Friday hosted by Parajunkee.com. Your post intrigued me. I do agree with you that the blogger’s post was insensitive, rude, and uncalled for. But, being a healthy supporter of the First Amendment, I must also agree that Marie Claire and their blogger have the right to publish the article, despite its offensiveness.
    In the end, free speech is what gives me the right to blog brazenly. I don’t want someone telling me what I can or cannot write, therefore I cannot impose my will on others.
    We can, however, simply not spend the $3-$5 to support Marie Claire magazine. ~ Moira Naveen

  • insanehussein

    Exactly! It’s more of a “think before you speak/write” thing. I mean, really, would she say this all to her own mother/family member/friend if they were obese? No, she wouldn’t. And she can’t use her anorexia as an excuse either.