The Intruder Slim Is Truly Slim

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Intruder Slim At EdenFantasys – $11.99

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Traditional vibrator by Doc Johnson
Material: Plastic

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This is my first ever sex toy review ever!! <–yes there are TWO evers in there because I’m very excited, thanks to @Splendwhore and @EdenFantasys!

The Intruder Slim was fun to play with, especially for quick orgasms and general fun. This is especially true of the vibrating head, since I found it the most useful for clitoral stimulation. This vibe’s name is accurate, for it is slim and to the point. The Intruder feels great on my nipples, neck and thighs. More so on my nipples and clitoris, since they’re very sensitive.

The Intruder Slim has a pretty strong vibe, and I confess, I wasn’t ready for it the first time, so I was extremely shocked, then pleased, to find that this vibe was very strong. I have to say that was my favorite part–that the vibe was strong enough to bring me to a quick climax. If the Intruder weren’t so long and slightly wieldy, it would be best paired with a dildo, providing the stimulation to your clitoris while your dildo of choice works its magic inside you, providing both internal and external stimulation to bring about an intense orgasm.

**Please note, this toy should not be used for anal play, since it does not have a flared base.**

The Intruder Slim is made of food-grade smooth plastic, that is free of Phthalates and latex and is hypo-allergenic. Its smooth feel gives it that extra advantage of being easy to use internally, but harder to grasp as you become increasingly wet or use more lube. The vibe’s head is gold-colored metal and is shiny, which makes it aesthetically pleasing………….

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    I have to follow your blog for this alone. ^_^ Books n toys, gotta love it!

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    I think I love you!! Next toy review is coming soon!