How to set up your iPhone 4 w/ everything on your iPhone 3G/3GS in 8 steps:

Posted June 24, 2010 by Insane Hussein in Technology / 1 Comment

While waiting in line, I knew that I had to do a lot to fix up my phone so I decided that maybe after I register the iPhone 4 I should restore it from a previous (most recent) backup from my 3G. It worked. So, hope you find this useful!

Insane Hussein’s 8 Steps to set up your iPhone 4 w/ all the stuff you have on your iPhone 3G/3GS:

1. Backup your current iPhone (3G/3GS) on your iTunes.
2. Transfer any purchases to your iTunes from your 3G/3GS.
3. Disconnect 3G/3GS and connect iPhone 4.
4. Register your iPhone 4 (if you haven’t already done so).
5. Options: Set up as new phone OR Restore from Backup. Choose Restore from backup.
6. iTunes will restore your iPhone 4 to the most recent backup.
7. Rename your iPhone 4 from the restore by adding a 4 to the end. (In menu for iPhone, double-click on iPhone name and add the 4 to the end.)
8. On your 3G/3GS, change to airplane mode and enable wifi. Use it as a touch iPod.

*All phone settings, accounts, apps, pix, txt msgs, etc will be transferred to your iPhone 4. Everything will look like it did on your 3G/3GS.

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