Contest: Vampire Lumberjack vs Werewolf Bootlegger–Which Side Are YOU On?

Posted May 31, 2010 by Insane Hussein in Giveaways / 37 Comments

I’m on Team Werewolf. Find out more.
I'm on Team Werewolf. Find out more.

Ever wanted to date a werewolf… or a vampire? Did you always want to be a homebody, or be able to go out and party with some badass, furry fiends? Did you want to go to the beach and get a tan, or did you want to stay in and be pasty white like your undead friend? Did you want warmth, or a perpetual chill? I think you can tell which side I’m on. And here’s why:

Werewolves Vampires
Warm Cold
Alive Undead
Won’t devour you when Aunt Flo comes for a visit WILL devour you when Aunt Flo comes for a visit–feast!
Can get a tan Will turn in to a crispy critter when in the sun
Can go out and party w/ you day AND night Can only go out and party w/ you at night
Can be human or wolf Can be human or bat
If he cuts down trees it’ll be during the daytime Cuts down trees at night = no love life and no beauty sleep.
Werewolves mate for life Sleeps in a coffin (stereotype) during the day
Weres are social beings = WIN! Never be the odd girl out at a social function Vamps have fangs -> love bites -> broken, bloody skin = your sudden death. Hey, at least there won’t be any mess!
Weres have fangs in wolf form and only bite if you’re in to it. Sure it might be a little bloody, but he won’t bleed you dry! Vamps have fangs at all time and bite when they like–::backs away::
Were love bites are worth it Vamp love bites are only worth it if you’ve had a lot of Holy water to drink
Weres are possessive and protective -> they will protect you till the end! Vamps aren’t known for their loyalty to humans.


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  • My comment:

    I like to read books about both vampires and werewolves, but I agree, werewolves are warmer. Also in the wintertime, you can just snuggle up to you guy in his were form and he’ll keep ya warm.

    Also, being with a vampire when you’re a girl… yea, you’re gonna need several crosses and drink lots of holy water when it’s your time of the month. Ick.

    Besides, your flow is only dead blood, double ick.

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  • I agree with you 100%! I love the little chart you included to compare the two.

    Can you imagine when it’s your time of the month? I bet you any vamp would think you were an all you can eat buffet. No thank you.

    And the biting with a werewolf sounds a lot nicer/kinkier/enjoyable than anything a vamp would do. Vamps bite to draw blood. I like my blood where it is, thank you very much!

  • Chelsea B.

    Nopeidy nope nope! Sorry, can’t sway me! I am not fooled by all the negative ( and false, not all vampires would do those things!) things you say! Besides, where will YOU be when your werewolf changes and devours YOU? *grins over her shoulder as she walks away*

  • emmad

    Who wants to sleep in a coffin? Team Werewolf all the way.

  • Please add:
    Werewolves – when you wake up in the morning and roll over, you’re guaranteed to meet something warm and sexy.
    Vampires – when you wake up in the morning and roll over, you’re guaranteed to meet something cold and dead.

  • Has anyone here ever heard of a wolf eating someone? They aren’t bloodthirsty monsters like somebody else we know *hint hint*

    Go Team Werewolf Bootlegger!

    Braintasia Blog

  • Amy S

    TEAM WEREWOLF BOOTLEGGER for life baby! Mmm…warm, muscular, loyal…ALIVE! Is there anything more to be said? 😉

  • Your side by side comparison chart is made of win. I don’t see how there can be any argument after that.

    Team Werewolf Bootlegger!

  • I love my chart! Thankfully lets us edit our posts in HTML view. Yay HTML charts!!

    @Chelsea: Did we not see the devour part in the chart?? I’ll let my were eat me. You know canines like to lick. Vamps just like to bleed you dry, like a sleazy boyfriend/husband before you kick him to the curb!

  • Jennifer M.

    Yes! That is exactly what I’m saying! lol, that chart is made of win ;P

    Werewolf Bootlegger all the way!!

  • I’m so Team Vampire Lumberjack. As much as I like their weres, vampires will always be my number one.

  • Jojo

    Totally agreed with you Chelsea B.
    There u go…Team Vampire Lumberjack!!!

  • Love your chart, I made a similar comparison between the two, and can’t see how people could pick a dead, ghost white, ice cold, blood drinking man over a cute, warm, passionate fun werewolf! Beats me. Go Team Werewolf!!

  • jeanette8042

    I love your list, it lists so many different points!

    I have to say I’m on Team Vampire Lumberjack because they’re still sexy in plaid and a drunk, bumbling werewolf doesn’t seem too appealing.

  • Breiab

    Werewolves are so made of win! Werewolves won’t devour you ( in the bad way ) and vampires SUCK! Warm sexy manly men who can go out into the sun.
    Team Werewolf Bootleggers!

    Free Booze!

  • Julie Swaney

    Team Werewolf all the way

  • for me it will always be the vampire team… so its team Vampire lumberjack all the way!!

  • Char

    Go Team Werewolf!

  • Elisa

    LOL. Vamp bites are only good if you’ve had a lot of holy water to drink! Clever, my friend.

    And I agree, even if Adam is the super hotness – werewolf bootlegger all the way, baby!

  • Jackie just sent me this way…. I’m on the Werewolf side of the page. Werewolves are cool. Vampires are just . . . evil. 😉

  • Loved the chart!!!
    Team Werewolf!!!

  • HA that is a pretty good list. Although I am still going Team Lumberjack!

  • Jean P

    I liked the chart you have. All good points.
    But still can’t be swayed by the negativity.
    Team Vampire Lumberjack

  • Stacey Smith

    I’m team Vampire Lumberjack!! Go Team!!
    I love black two and i bite some time as well and i love the dark.I guess i’m a good fit for a vampire.

  • insanehussein

    No. Team WEREWOLF BOOTLEGGER all the way! Also–PETA can’t come after you cuz you’re not wearing dead animal fur. HA! 🙂

  • Sue Brandes

    Team Vampire Lumberjack~So sexy.

  • Pamk

    Team Werewolf all the way. Need a man to keep me warm at night.

  • John Seattle

    I come from a long line of lumberjacks. I’ll take the family biz and some pesky soul issues over the uncontrolled furry and controlled substances.
    Go Team Vampire Lumberjack!

  • I’m sensing that your pros and cons are slightly stilted, Team Undead Hardwood all the way!

  • insanehussein

    Well, if you like being cold-cocked, go for it!

  • vvb

    Team Swiss – ok i like your point on the protection bit.

  • Kristen

    I’m totally with Miranda! Werewolves can eat you two you know… it’s just nowhere close as sexy as a vampire eating you.. Wow that sounds really horrible haha. I’m still team Vampire!

  • I agree with you. Team Werewolf all the way!

  • Pam S

    Though a bootlegging werewolf (especially on the banner) is tempting, going to have to go with team vampire lumberjack.

    Pam S

  • Roxann

    It definitely has to be team Vampire Lumberjack.This looks like some reading I could sink my teeth into.

  • I use to hate reading books till a friend gave me a book that she kept pestering me to read. I reluctantly read it, but at the end? I loved it! I can’t even attempt to try to get enough out of reading!! It;s actually helped inspire my own writings, my own little escape from the world.
    As much as I’d love to be on team Wereworlf, Im totally on team Vampire Lumberjack! Something about the exotic power a single bite can have with your life that leaves chills….