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Interview With A Witch… Laura Stamps! Laura drops in to let us know a little bit about herself and to answer some q’s from some of her fans… O_O


1. What attracted you to the romance genre, in particular the erotic romance sub-genre?

I’ve always been very romantic (stop laughing, Spicy!).  In elementary school I was addicted to fairy tale books.  Read them in every school I went to (my family moved around a lot when I was young).  All very romantic.  Then I discovered the Bronte sisters.  “Wuthering Heights” was like my bible when I was 15.  Loved it!  Only one problem with those books.  No sex.  I inherited my tomcat dad’s libido.  Yes, my dad was a verrrry kinky guy, who had wives and girlfriends everywhere (stop laughing, Spicy!).  My libido kicked in when I was seven.  Or that’s my earliest memory of getting in trouble for it.  That’s when my mother caught me doing a BDSM/bondage thing with my dolls (Barbie, Ken, and a stuff animal…don’t ask *lol*).  It was all downhill from there.  So erotica is a natural for me.  Romance, wild sex, what more could a slut like me want?  Duh.


2. Why did you decide to become a writer?  How old were you when you started writing?

I decided to become a writer cause I was tired of painting stories with color.  I was an Art Major in college, and my prints and posters are still sold worldwide by my art print publisher in California.  My paintings also illustrate the covers of “The Witchery Series” novels.  Anyway, I’m also dyslexic.  Of course, back in high school (the 70s) no one knew that.  They just thought I was really shitty with spelling.  Since I always won all the art awards, I went with art as a career, even though my English teachers told me I had writing talent.  And I was always put in the Honors literature courses in college.

But being an artist never completely satisfied me creatively.  By the time I was 30 I gave up the struggle, dug up all my college English books, and taught myself how to write.  23 years later my poems and fiction have appeared in over 1000 magazines, literary journals, and anthologies worldwide.  My resume of awards and publication credits is over 80 pages long, and I have published more than 45 books with several publishers.  I’ve been nominated for the “Pulitzer Prize” (2005) and received seven “Pushcart Award” nominations.  In 2003 two of my poems were included in a celebrity anthology with Stevie Wonder, Maya Angelou, Muhammad Ali, Robert Kennedy, etc., published by Martin Luther King’s Daughter, Yolanda.  Yeah, I’ve worked my ass off.  And I still do.  😉


3. Do you get your inspiration from real life for your books? (Spicy asked this q)

Hmm.  Generally, when I’m thinking about a new novel I decide who the hero and heroine will be.  Then I figure out what the climax will be.  Sometimes I know the end, and sometimes I don’t.  As you know, I network very closely with my fans and readers every day, so I like to make the themes of my novels something my readers can identify with or are struggling with.  Like falling for bad-news men or recovering from an abusive divorce.  Or career/financial struggles.  You name it.  So the themes from my novels come from real life.

My characters are all fictional, except Sara in “A Vampire’s Kiss,” who is a clone of me (stop laughing, Spicy!).  Occasionally, I create them with characteristics of people I know.  For example, Mirabella is a composite of like 10 high-strung artists I know.  The bad guy (Greer) in “What Witches Want” is modeled after my abusive high school boyfriend.  However all my heroes (Donnie, Blaine, Wynn, Dray, Val, Atwell, etc.) are completely fictional.  I don’t know any one like them.  I just decide what characteristics I want them to have and then go from there.  Same with my heroines (except Sara).

That’s because my novels are character-driven, meaning my characters rule.  I work with a sketchy outline for each chapter, usually one or two sentences in length.  Then I set the characters in the scene, follow them around, and write down what they say.  Except with Sara and Dray.  They were the first to refuse to follow even the briefest outline.  So after 20 chapters of doing this in “A Vampire’s Kiss” I threw my outline notes away and let them rule.


3. What is your favorite book of all time and why (this can be any book)?

My fav novel of all time is “Demon’s Fire” by Emma Holly.  Why?  She has got to be the BEST erotica novelist out there.  And her hero, Prince Pahndir, is a total panty-melt.  My fav nonfiction book is the “Tao Te Ching” translated by Stephen Mitchell.  Why?  I am a very Taoist Witch.  In fact I made the hero (Blaine) in “Call of the Witches” a Taoist Green Witch, and he gives the heroine a copy of this book as a gift.


4. Tell us a little more about the series on your blog–specifically, the dynamics between the main characters.

You can find all my series on my vampire Blogger site (  The vampire series is on the homepage, and the other series have their own pages and buttons in the button bar (The Witchery Series, The Faery Witch Series, The Rune Witch Series, The Memoir Series).

“The Manigault Vampires” is my first serialized, romantic erotica series in ebook. In this series, you’ll meet Drayton Manigault, the owner of Manigault Technologies and one of the richest businessmen in Columbia, South Carolina. Dray also happens to be one of the oldest vampires in the city.

The first novel in this series is “A Vampire’s Kiss.”  The heroine is Sara Gadsden, who is a Green Witch (she’s good with plants).  She’s also addicted to vampire romance novels and considers herself an expert on vampires.  She meets Dray at a Samhain (Halloween) party.  Dray is dressed as Dracula.  Sara has no idea he’s a real vamp.  In fact only a few people know this.  So she immediately tells him he’s doing the vamp thing all wrong, cause he isn’t acting like the vamp heroes in romance and erotica novels.  lol

Dray is 145 years old and was turned during the Civil War.  He has seen just about everything, so nothing in life excites him anymore.  Then along comes spontaneous Sara who is constantly surprising him.  She’s a wild, kinky, sex-obsessed girl (remember, she’s a clone of me).  He is a conservative, very wealthy businessman.  Oh, and he’s totally yummy.  The chemistry between those two just SIZZLES!  Sara is a horny slut, and when she isn’t jumping Dray the banter between them is hysterical.

Okay, I know you’re wondering why I made Sara a clone of me when I’ve never done that before with one of my novels.  Let me ask you this.  Have you noticed what Dray looks like? Long, waist-length black hair, lean bod, tall, totally hunky, dresses in Armani, gorgeous face.  Right.  I took one look at him and thought “I wanna fuck this guy.”  And Sara does just that…over and over and over again.  Ah, life is GOOD!  *sex-obsessed grin*


5. How important do you think secondary characters are? What are some of your favorites? (from any book, including your own).

Secondary characters are very important.  They add a necessary dimension to any novel.  Readers say about all of my series that they wish they had Witch friends like my characters.  A good example would be Wynn and Noelle.  They are both secondary characters in several of my series, yet Wynn is so gorgeous he had his own fan club for a while.  And Noelle is a trip.  She’s a real scene stealer for sure.  In fact they are so good together I finally gave them their own series (“The Rune Witch Series”) which will be coming out in a few months.  It is one of my series that has been held up at other publishers for 2 years now.  Even in the vampire series Val (Dray’s older brother) is developing his own following.  So I think secondary characters are very important.


6. How can people find you on the web?

I’m everywhere cause I’m easy (stop laughing, Spicy!):
Laura Stamps
The Magickal SexWitch
Author of Paranormal Erotica & Romance Novels
(HOT Vampires, Shapeshifters, Witches)
To see all my novel series:
My verrrrry naughty blog:
My “Laura Stamps” Fan Page at Facebook:
Follow me on Twitter at:


Ok, some people (aka me and ahem a vampire we know and love… and some others) want to know:

1. Stubble or clean shaven?

Clean shaven.  Beard burn?  HORRORS!!


2. Lefty or righty? Or do you prefer ambidextrous?

Ambidextrous. Purrrrrrrrrrrr….!


3. Vanilla or chocolate?

Neither.  Tutti Frutti.  What can I say?  I’ll always be a kinky slut.


4. What’s your favorite type of mischief?

Sexual.  Duh!


5. Fave type of lingerie?

Leopard prints.  I have so many leopard print panties I’ve lost count.  Oh, and some really cute zebra print panties with heart shaped buttons.  Speaking of that, in “A Vampire’s Kiss” some of the Witches go lingerie shopping.  95% of the lingerie they buy are pieces I own.  What fun!  Okay, back to the question.  All my bras are leopard prints, some with black lace, and some with lime green lace.  Oh, and my wicked leopard-print cami, the one with red lace covering my breasts (kinda), is famous.  It was my fav to wear at booksignings cause I could flip up my shirt and flash people with my nipples.  Major fun!  Did I mention I’m an exhibitionist?  Well, I am, and flashing goes with the territory.  Hey, not my fault my breasts tend to fall out of that cami, so every time I lift my shirt I have no idea if they’re in or out.  I know.  I have waaaaay too much fun at my naughty booksignings!


6. Are you really going after Spicy’s werewolves? (Note: Spicy did NOT ask this question–I did. ;))

Of course!  Weres are HAWT.  I figure these guys must be incredibly bored hanging around a chilly chick like Spicy all the time, so I figured I’d bring the party to them.  I mean, every time I see a good-looking guy I always wonder what he’s like in bed.  So you can bet I wanna see how Spicy’s hunky Weres use their “tools.”  Yummy!


7. Pirate or knight?

Pirate.  Of course.


8. Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt and why? (YOU CAN ONLY CHOOSE ONE!!)

Damn, that’s a hard choice!  No pun intended (lol).  I would say Brad Pitt, only because he’s blonde (I have a thing for blondes), and I don’t think he smokes.  Cigarettes?  Horrors!!!


9. Favorite sex positions?

My mom took DES when she was pregnant with me, so my uterus is in an unusual position.  Totally works for me cause it makes my G-spot accessible from any sexual position where I am facing my lover.  Hits that spot every time.  Damn, that feels good!  4-5 strokes, and I have an O, which is why I’m a multi-O woman and usually have 7-8 orgasms before my lover has his.  Yummy!  Okay, writing that just made me reallllly horny.  Gotta go jump Wes.  See ya!  *dashing out of my office to abuse Wes’s dangly parts…again*


Once again, many thanks to Laura Stamps, and don’t forget to check out her novel series on her blog at!!! You can also find her on Twitter, her handle is SexWitch, and her tweets are VERY amusing (speaking from person experience)!!! 🙂

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  • Laura Stamps

    Love it! You’re gonna need an “Over 18 Door” now for sure. *falls over laughing*

    Laura Stamps
    Paranormal Erotica Novelist
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  • Way too damn entertaining! I can’t wait to find your books! I’ll start looking right away!!!

    Not knowing whether their in or out??? Too funny!!!!!

  • spicyvampire

    Nice interview! And no, I was not laughing – A lot! Wait.. unless there are others who go by the name of Spicy .. in that case *shifty eyes and slinks into shadows*

    <3 Laura

  • Is there a code or some snippet to use to do so? This is a blog. Dammit. ::runs with scissors:: 🙂

  • Surprisingly, I <3 Laura too. I have such interesting friends. ::snort::

  • Laura Stamps

    Thanks, everyone, I’m glad you enjoyed it! Jackie (and Spicy) gave me some really fun questions to answer. It was soooo easy to turn this interview into a naughty party (my fav kind). Speaking of parties, still gotta find Spicy’s hunky Weres and get a look at their “tools.” Yummmmmmmmm….! *licks my kinky lips*

    Laura Stamps
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    “A Vampire’s Kiss (The Manigault Vampires)”