Book Review: Lois Lane Tells All by Karen Hawkins :)

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Lois Lane Tells All Lois Lane Tells All by Karen Hawkins

In Lois Lane Tells All, set in Glory, North Carolina, we meet Susan Collins, a smart, sassy and sexy reporter/editor of Glory’s only newspaper. She’s responsible for her father, is a sucker for an oversized pup and is lusting quite heavily after her boss, Mark Tremayne. He’s also the accountant who’s going to bring the newspaper in to the black, due to its financial problems.
Mark is an accountant-he likes numbers, charts and PowerPoint presentations. He also likes Susan. A lot. She’s sexy, has a perfect ass and he’s mesmerized by her hair.
Both lust after each other, but sparks really start to fly after the first kiss. They begin their adventure with that first kiss, a very HOT kiss, and christen their relationship with some mind-blowing sex in the elevator (fans self).
Ladies, that is my favorite scenes, for obvious reasons. 😉
Soon, however, we see mysterious happenings revolving around Susan and the Bake-off missing money puzzle–is someone trying to kill her? Enter the Murder Mystery Club, comprising of 3 senior citizens and their cohort, brassy, color-blind, fashion-dense, but lovable Tundy. Their secret not-so-secret detective work soon brings them to Susan and Mark’s attention… and someone else’s as well.
All is resolved and Susan’s would-be-murderer is found out and arrested, all after some pie, a la mode, of course. However, Susan and Mark are sending mixed signals. Is Mark leaving, does he love her, does she love him?
When Susan’s father falls sick, Mark comes back to her, staying with her throughout the trying ordeal and finally reveals his love to her. She loves him back. He pulls out a great ring (it was shiny, in my mind) and she accepts.
Fun times, great laughs and a love and lust that just won’t quit! Did I mention the Murder Mystery Club, because those guys are a hoot! Capers abound and true love reveals itself. You’ll enjoy reading this story by Karen Hawkins!

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