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So, I’ve been reading a ton of books over the years, and I have to say, romance and erotic romance novels are, indeed, my favorites. Why, you ask? Heh, well……… A girl likes some spice in her life, ya know. πŸ˜‰

Of them all, my favorite happens to be a tie between Lora Leigh’s Breed Series and Kate Douglas’ Wolf Tales Series. Though Lora’s Breeds are human with animal DNA housed within them, Kate’s Wolves are shape-shifters and there is an element of bestiality involved. I confess, the bestiality got to me a bit and it isn’t my favorite part of her books. I really like the stories and plot lines involved in the Wolf Tales Series… OK, and Anton, cuz he is so smokin’ hot!

Lora’s Breeds are fun to read about. Their struggles in the labs and their trials and endurance in a world that knows who and what they are. They endure the sneering and hate and derision that seems to come with their being a people and taking that stand, publicly claiming their right to live out in the open. I appreciate the fact that they remain noble throughout all that. My favorite breed, Jonas (heh, no surprise there), is also smokin’ hot. He’s been characterized as a manipulative son of a bitch with masochistic tendencies… and he has a private, hungry, volcano which I’m sure everyone can hear say, “feed me… Jonas!”.

I loved both Anton and Jonas’ books. They were worth the wait, although Anton got his book a little early on in the WTS. Jonas’ book is much more recent and much more raw, to my way of thinking. The story is indicative of how he would love and how strongly he would protect that love.

Both heroes also have very well-matched heroines, respectively. I like that. I hate the wishy-washy type of hero/heroine who leans too heavily on their significant other. It degrades the book and makes me want to put it down. However, both heroines in these books were more than capable of taking on the world alone and doing it successfully. Yay!

Warning: The books in these series are H-O-T, but SO worth the read!!!

**Leave a comment and share your favorite erotic romance and why. Please also chime in on the Breeds and Wolf Tales (if you’ve read them… and if you haven’t). πŸ™‚

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  • What a nice Mother’s Day surprise this is! And what fun to be in the same post with Lora–we’ve known each other since way back when, and I love watching her star climb. Her Breeds are definitely hot, and the emotions in the stories hook you from the start.

    So glad to hear you’ve enjoyed my stories of the Chanku–and Anton’s story continues in a number of the books, especially in Wolf Tales 11, which will be out next January, and there’s quite a bit about him in 9, which released this past January.

    Regarding the bestiality–the funny thing is, I don’t see it that way, because their minds remain sentient and very much the same as when they’re in human form. They’re in a different body, true, but they’re not at all bestial. They maintain their honor and integrity and the same personalities they have whether on four legs or two, so I’m always surprised by the comparison. It really isn’t the same, at least in my way of thinking, but I am truly honored to have my stories included among your favorites. Thank you!

  • So they’re basically humans in animal form? I kinda got that from the books, but I never really pieced it together. Thanks for the response!

    Both of your series are amazing and they’re actually the ones I prefer. Although, don’t tell Shiloh Walker or Lauren Dane that! πŸ˜‰

    Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  • That’s the difference, at least as I see it, between weres and shifters–the were becomes more of a beast, but a shifter merely changes shape, not its mental processes. Anton is still Anton, whether he’s on four legs or two. Their feral drives are stronger, and their senses more acute because they’re filtering everything through their animal form, but they’re still the same people.

    Shiloh and Lauren are both very nice and forgiving people…most of the time! They’re also extremely talented writers. Don’t you love getting lost in the various paranormal worlds? Sure beats the real one!

    And thank you for the Mother’s Day wishes…I heard from both kids and spent the day writing. Works for me!

  • Awesome! I get it now. Thanks for the differentiation! I’m sure Shiloh and Lauren are both very forgiving. ::prays hard::

    Glad you heard form both kids and are writing! I loved DemonFire and I believe I have posted a pic of its presence in one of my local Borders Expresses. Great read, if I do say so myself!

    My mom got the flowers I ordered on 1-800-flowers (even though I still live at home), as did my pseudo mom (her best friend). They loved them and they (my mom’s) don’t have a lot of pollen, which is also good for the both of us!

  • Laura Stamps

    Great review post, gf! Gotta love those shifters!! I haven’t read the Breeds Series (just some of the novellas in anthologies). The lab torture always gets to me. But LL’s sex scsnes are alays scorchin’ HAWT! My fav series of hers is her “Bound Hearts” menage series. “Wicked Pleasure” & “Only Pleasure” are my favs. LOVE those Falladay twins. Cam owns my heart for sure! πŸ˜‰

  • OMG! Are not the Falladay twins hawt?? O_O I drool every time I reread LL’s books. I also drool every time I reread KD’s books! Great stuff for sure!

  • Laura Stamps

    Yeah, Cam ROCKS! I was disappointed in Khalid’s novel cause he wasn’t the sweet third he was in the others. Sometimes when a guy gets his own book the author makes him so messed up (like Phury in BDB) or such an asshole I stop liking him. “Guilty Pleasure” was just so NOT about the menage cub that I couldn’t finish it. Still I love that series. Just hope it doesn’t go all terrorist military like GP did. I love Ian’s club!

    If you like Lora Leigh you should give my vamp series a try. It has been compared to Lora Leigh and Emma Holly in hotness. Everyone is falling hard for my vamp Dray. It’s a serial so it comes out every month 2-3 chapters at a time. Check it out at You can read an excerpt there. πŸ˜‰

  • LOL! I shall try! Also, I liked Khalid’s story, although I agree, I would have preferred him as a sweet third. He didn’t seem dominant enough in the first few books where he appeared, so I had a hard time believing he was a first/dom. Eh, I finished it and was quite pleasantly surprised, so give it another chance.

    I’ve been reading the excerpts on your blog. Um, hottttt! ::cough:: πŸ™‚

  • Laura Stamps

    Glad you’re enjoying my blog! Believe it or not, the serial vamp novel (“A Vampire’s Kiss”) is hotter than my blog. Amazing, but true. πŸ˜‰ As for my blog, what can I say? I’m an exhibitionist and kinky as hell, so I love to write about my active sex life on my blog. Much to my husband’s dismay. But, hey, I’m 53 going on 18, so it’s not my fault, right/ *lmao*

    You are gonna LOVE my Wednesday blog post. It’s another meme, but this time made up entirely of questions readers/fans ask me, like when and how did I lose my virginity, how did I meet Wes, why did we get married (HAWT sex…duh!), lots of personal stuff like that.

    BTW, are you on my mailing list? If not send me an email at and I will add you. My list hears first about new books coming out, receives my very trashy monthly e-newsletter, and gets an email notification and link when every blog post goes up. And if I need to make an announcementn they get that too. So it is the best way to hear EVERYTHING about me. πŸ˜‰

  • Plz to know, you are a HAWT mess! We shall be friends forever! <3